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YAY! I still don’t get why the librarian/court historian crowned Morgana, aside from the avowed secularism of Merlin, so I’ve decided to take it as showing the sacred nature of knowledge.

Merlin 313: Sisters Doin’ It For Each Other )
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Yay Leon! The scary cult people saved you! At least Arthur hasn’t lost ALL his bros.

Merlin 312: Bros Before Hos )
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HEY. IT’S DUDLEY. Kinda looking like you’d expect Neville Longbottom to if he’d never got hot.

ARTHUR: The only rule is, there are no rules.

...Not gonna lie, the bully men humiliating Merlin was hot. (And undoubtedly exactly like the start of many a fic.) Him deciding to give in involved a lot of delicious facial expressions. Also, whip FTW.

Although Merlin apparently not seeing the magic-use was bizarre. Maybe there’s a spell on Camelot to make magic really hard to see! The Sunnydale Spell. It would explain a lot.

The Sorcerer's Shadow Self )
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OKAY I KNOW MANY OF YOU WILL DISAGREE BUT I THOUGHT THE WEDDING DREAM SEQUENCE WAS CUTE. Merlin beaming away! The love theme playing! Gwen looking all anxious and Arthur’s smile giving her courage!

EXTREMELY saccarhine. But I find Merlin and Gwen’s friendship so charming, and Arthur and Gwen so cute when I can imagine they *worked* to get to this stage, and Merlin’s friendship with Arthur so fun that I am just aglow with 0T3 love.

Morgana’s nightmare is blatantly scary because WHERE IS SHE?! POLYAMOURY, THOU FOUL BETRAYER.

In Which The OT3 Love Each Other and Morgana Is An Evil Ex )
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OMG THAT FACE. Still, I think I can get down with bb!manticore.

The sparkly powder and King Giles’ suspicion bring to mind Buffy S5. “It’s obviously magical in origin. It’s so... shiny!”

LOL Merlin, no chicken for you.


I love Gaius to pieces, he’s my most favouritest character. So I am torn between glee (a Gaius-heavy episode!) and dismay (not something like the imp!possession again, please.)

In Which Arthur is thick *ooh yeah* and Gaius & Merlin are adorable )
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Spuriously shirtless Arthur! One of my favourite flavours of Arthur :D

I cannot tell you how much the renewed focus on Gwen & Merlin’s friendship is pleasing me. Very cute, plus it makes me all 0T3-lovin’.

I like the securalised take on the knight’s vigil, too.

Merlin 308: Perilous Lands r Perilous )
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OH NOES! GWEN! Seriously, my sadface at Morgana’s betrayals of her, it is enormously sad. Like Gareth David-Lloyd just saw a three-legged puppy.


Oh Uther you’re so hilarious. “If your maid can no longer be relied upon we can easily replace her”, said with a complacently nasty expression, while all three of the other people in the room make BUT MY HEART BLEEDS expressions. And he just doesn’t notice :D

In Which Cenrid Is A Kinky Minx )
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I inexplicably failed to post this, even though I put up the Merlin 306 liveblog. Here you go, everybody. I’m off to watch 307.


ARTHUR: Do you trust me?
MERLIN: Who are you, Aladdin?

Those big gatekeepers might be foreshadowing. MIGHT.

Ahaha, “the Valley of the (fallen) Kings”. Never shy about nicking mythology, that’s Merlin.

Merlin 305: In Which People Are Slow on the Uptake )
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Random writer’s block sucks, you guys. But never mind, for I shall watch a little more Merlin!

:D How Shakespearian! A pretty young changeling and her comedy nurse.

AHAHAHA. “He finds me strategic... and beautiful?” Never heard of the droit de seigneur, Arthur? :D Uther fumbling hilariously about their hopes for marriage is already giving me high hopes for this episode.

Merlin 306: THIS IS MY IDEA... OF A MATCH! )
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Sure, have a wander in the ancient musty library of a magical place, Merlin. That’s never led a protagonist into any trouble.



...Or, no, do the other thing. *sighs* In Which Bottom!Arthur Is Loved By His Fairy And His Queen )
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“Trust is a double-edged sword... you have learnt an important lesson...” Yes, yes, for the thick ones at the back...

“She is the darkness to your light, the hatred to your love.” Really? Really? I mean, the dragon’s always been an exposition device but going “there are parallels between these two characters!” this blatantly takes the biscuit, even leaving aside the fact that Morgana is also motivated by a combo of love and brainwashing.

Merlin 302: In Which Merlin Says Screw You, Potter, I Can Ride A Dragon Too )
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Look at me powering along! For me, I mean :p

WELL. That’s certainly an angstful way to begin the new series! All those Redcloaks...

Merlin 301: Morgana’s Got A New Girlfriend )
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Guess who has finally watched all of Merlin series 2 did you guess me if not you were wrong HUZZAH!

Merlin 213: Slashing And Burning: Dragon Vs Merlin and Arthur )
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Yay, Morgause!

LOL, gotta love Emilia Fox. She’s clearly having fun with her evil-eyelinered, evil-gibberish-speaking character.

Morgana and Morgause are SO FEMMESLASHY, OMG. Merlin 212: In which Merlin and Arthur keep each other up all night )
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Hey there, Mordred. You know, you and Tom Riddle would probably really get along. And it might do you both some good to make a friend.

Merlin 212: In Which Morgana's Bosom Quivers With Indignation )
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Ooh, attempts at diplomacy! This should be fun. And if not, at least there’s eye-candy.

Bitchy eye-candy. *eyeroll* Well, luckily Gwen will probably smack her down by the end credits.

Merlin 210: A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Merlin-Style )
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Yeah, so Merlin’s going to prudently ignore the sad-looking captive girl in the rain? LOL NO.

‘Freya’? Really? Are Loki and Balder showing up soon?

In which werewolf!Freya and Arthur FIGHT FOR MERLIN’S LOVE )
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Ooh, ‘The Sins of the Father’! Now there’s an exciting episode title :)

Hmm, so she’s in a red cloak! Luckily the eyeliner and honking great Dark Castle of Doom leave us in no doubt about what side she’s on.

In Which Morgause has sexual chemistry with everyone, including Arthur’s horse )
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Aww, the smoke!horse is pretty. Not as pretty as smiley Colin Morgan, though.

Oh and it’s all gone horribly wrong in an instant. Looks to be an exciting episode!

I must admit the Witchfinder’s bondage cart reminds me of nothing so much as the Child Catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

Okay, seriously. SERIOUSLY. It’s got a high collar rather than a hood, I suppose to suggest Stuart/Puritan righteousness, but once again: DO NOT ALLOW ENTRANCE TO ANYONE IN A BLACK CLOAK.

In Which The Kink Fans Wish The Witchfinder Was Sexier )
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This is actually the first Merlin episode I saw, and the only I’ve seen pre-liveblogging it. I watched it with a bunch of fans last Hallowe’en, and the whole experience was awesome.

Watching it this time can in no way be as awesome, but I think I’ll have fun. :)

Merlin )


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