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Wednesday, 11 March 2020 10:55 pm
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Please ignore the spurt of posts while I get my masterlists up, thank you. :)

Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel

Fics (stories over 1000 words):

Pairing: Angel/Spike

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier... – NC-17. Five jobs Spike didn’t do, and one he did. Warnings: implied BDSM, bit of angst, other pairings (unrequited Buffy/Spike and implied Giles/Spike).

Greeks Bearing Gifts – NC-17. “William was the golden Ganymede to his Zeus: a muscular ideal of young manhood, and Angelus’ precious toy.” Warnings: D/s, bloodplay

Pairing: Giles/Spike

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier... – NC-17. Five jobs Spike didn’t do, and one he did. Warnings: implied BDSM, bit of angst, other pairings (Angel/Spike and unrequited Buffy/Spike).

Respect Your Elders – NC-17. Season four PWP. A bit of characterisation got past me, but it’s really all about the kink. Warnings: spanking, humiliation, forced blow-job, orgasm denial

Pairing: Riley/Spike

Now That You’re Helpless – NC-17. PWP – rewritten version of that Into The Woods scene. Warnings: non-con

Pairing: Buffy/Spike

These Boots Aren’t Made For Walking – NC-17. Buffy’s stylish but affordable boots can make Spike’s mouth go dry. Warnings: boot-licking, BDSM

Pairing: Spike/Dawn

Playing Dress Up – NC-17. PWP with vampirism and schoolgirl kink.

Ficlets (stories under 1000 words):

Pairing: Faith/Buffy

Faith’s profile – R. This is actually a meme: Faith fills in a profile.


Pairing: Angel/Spike

Always The Alleys – NC-17. Angelus has William in an alley. Warnings: hair-pulling, forced orgasm, humiliation

Good Boy – NC-17. William’s been naughty. Warnings: spanking, daddy!kink

Cavemen – NC-17. Angel loses his temper. Warnings: dub-con, orgasm denial

Protective Custody – NC-17. Angel places Spike in his protective custody. Warnings: (somewhat public) humiliation, collars, nipple play

Self-Control – NC-17. Spike and Angel made a bet. Warnings: dirty talk

Birthdays – NC-17. A birthday spanking with bonus vibrator. Warnings: spanking, natch

Perfectly Disastrous – R. “Didn’t anybody ever tell you buggery was wrong?”

What ‘One Time’? – R. Spike’s telling Fred stories about way back when. Warnings: angst

A Man of the Times – R. Angelus expected William to submit easily. Warnings: non-explicit non-con

Creature of the Light – PG. “It was odd to see Spike under the fluorescent light of this hellhole.” Warnings: somewhat soppy angst

Going Down – R. Becoming a vampire is a Romantic ideal.

Staked – NC-17. Written for [personal profile] koishii_hime, who requested orgasm denial.

What’s In A Name? – NC-17. Spike meets the Master.

‘Pairing’: Fanged Four, with varying emphases

Concurrently – NC-17. Darla and Dru have William. Warnings: begging

Walking Softly – R. William hates Darla.

Queens – NC-17. Whatever Darla’s human life was like, she has become a queen. Warnings: queening, BDSM

Show – NC-17. Spike, Angelus and Drusilla mess about in bed.

Pairing: Faith/Buffy

Matched – R. Faith/Buffy. Buffy loves Angel despite what he is; she loves Faith for what she is.

Still A Slayer – R. Faith/Buffy that’s almost Faith gen. Prison can’t make Faith less than she is.

Afterparty – PG. Faith/Buffy, in the shining moment after victory.

Blue Murder – NC-17. Faith/Buffy. “Buffy panted, her thighs trembling around Faith’s glossy dark head.” Set post-series. (Not comics canon.)

Pairing: Willow/Tara

Evolution – G. Willow/Tara fluff. Tara’s becoming brighter.

Dominatrix – G. Willow/Tara. “It wasn’t the magic that gave her the rush.”

Mistake – G. Willow/Tara. Tara’s life used to be governed by fear, but she feels safe with Willow. Warnings: reference to emotional abuse

Connection – NC-17. Tara teaches Willow something good.

Pairing: Buffy/Spike

Fallen – G. Buffy/Spike. “She pushed him. He fell.”

Quiet Night, Holy Night – NC-17. Buffy/Spike. Heaven was golden-still; in Spike, Buffy finds a return to blissful oblivion.

Quickies – R. Buffy/Spike. Spike always dreamt of the mad rush of taking a Slayer, so he’s got what he wanted.

Pairing: Other (Het)

Vampire Groupie – R. Angelus/Buffy, kinda. Buffy’s still attracted to him.

A Little Less Cynical – G. Xander/Cordelia. “The point wasn’t that the dress was expensive.” Fluff!

Relegation and Promotion – G. Xander/Cordelia. Xander knew how high school worked, and Cordelia was out of his league.

Witching Hour – G. Spike gets Dawn to bed at a decent hour, but he wishes he didn’t have to stay up alone. Set during the summer of Buffy’s death.

Choose Life – G. Xander/Anya. “He’d asked her to marry him: a statement, a wish, a declaration.”

It Makes A Crazy Man Sing – G. Gunn/Fred fluff. Gunn likes reintroducing Fred to pop culture.

To Do What Must Be Done – R. Wesley/Lilah. Sometimes Wesley likes to pretend they have nothing in common; Lilah knows that’s not true.

From Beneath You, It Devours – NC-17. Faith/Spike. “A girl coming out of the system had needs.”

Pairing: Other (Slash)

It’s Always About The Blood – NC-17. Xander/Spike. “Spike swore again that he’d kill Harris slowly once he got this chip out.” Warnings: dub-con (coerced blowjob), handcuffs

Underestimation – NC-17. Giles/Spike. “I may have underestimated you, watcher.” Warnings: blindfolding, holding down

Full English Breakfast – R. Giles/Spike. Traditional after-sex food is fluffy and light, but homesick Englishmen yearn for baked beans.

Addiction – NC-17. Riley/Spike. Warnings: unhealthy relationship

Anarchy in the USA – PG-13. Riley/Spike fluff. Oddly enough, they have an “our song”.

Old School Tie – NC-17. Wesley/Spike. Spike’s underestimated another Watcher. Warnings: BDSM, caning, slight bondage

Getting Head – Uh, Smarts – R. Gunn/Spike. Gunn regains the feeling of being the alpha male.

Zombie Apocalypse – PG-13. Spike/Connor. They hang out together.


Demon Fighting – G. Angel/Faith friendship. “She loved that they told each other the truth, so she only lied to him once.”

Out of (her) Mind – G. Season six Dawn wishes it was still last year.

Not Intimate – G. Angsty Angel/Spike gen. “How are you the same, despite the soul?”

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