Sunday, 8 January 2017

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So ten days ago I noticed a bunch of people had added me on DW and knew something had gone wrong with LJ. I did a quick flist check, this being in the middle of some Christmas madness, and saw. So you can probably already tell I think this is significant but not urgent.

Before I start: some of you have clearly realised this, because I started adding people and got subscribers back, but: Dreamwidth separates the two sides of friending people on Livejournal. If you subscribe to me, you see my entries on your flist. If you give me access, I can see your flocked entries. A lot of you are giving me access to your friends-only entries but not signing up to see my posts on your flist which seems like a mistake :)

I certainly think it’s a good idea to back up your LJ via Dreamwidth import: it’s amazingly quick and easy (although I keep my backup journal separate from my current Dreamwidth, because otherwise my DW entries would be twinned since I crosspost from there.) Dreamwidth in general has a lot of pluses over LJ and the people there tend to be fascinating and talented and erudite, even more than the average LJ comm, which is a pretty fucking high bar.

I actually think the biggest vulnerability for the English-speaking fan communities )

So in summary, we'll see. Import but do not panic.


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