My birthday

Monday, 27 February 2017 03:47 am
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I’m in a great mood even though OW SO SORE. And not even for pervy reasons ;)

Earlier this week it was my birthday! Which was great, and thank you for the kind messages – will reply soonest, assuming the internet holds up better than it has been.

On the day [ profile] dora_the_nymph, her lovely husband A, and I went to see an all-female, one-hour version of Taming of the Shrew in a fringe pub. It was also set in 90s rave culture, which meant everyone was onstage (or at the side of the stage still acting) at all times dancing and that. The rave culture thing was a bit random and I think basically just there to allow for hilarious costuming and turning the “packet [whose] worth is great” line into a cocaine joke.

It was really good though. Some productions of Shrew make Katherina and Petruchio’s fighting into flirty banter and try to make it an edgy comedy, or make her speech sarcastic. Which I think is a legitimate response and what I thought might happen for this one, but nope: the company clearly were like “let’s embrace the actual text and let it be [in A’s words] BLEAK AS FUCK.” Depressing but fantastic - the actress who played Katherina drew the eye so much, and the company is a cool mix of ages, bodies, and accents. My first theatre production of the year and well worth it - I’m now on the pub theatre’s mailing list.

Yesterday was also Middle Sister’s birthday, and I went to a great (and sooo expensive oh god) sushi restaurant in Covent Garden with the family. Delicious, and the conversation was fun and lively and I have PRESENTS yay.

But Friday was THE BEST DAY, birthday-wise. A best friend, Miss Godfrey, has her birthday the day after mine so obviously we’ve done a lot of joint things over the years. Especially great this year for two reasons: I got to see her childhood bestie and her brother and their lovely partners, who are all wonderful people I don’t see much. And, because Miss Godfrey and her fiancé live about fifteen minutes’ walk from the hipster nightlife mecca, they hosted predrinking before we went to BallieBallerson. Which is a club WITH A BALLPIT. A massive thigh-high one, and the floor is LEDs and the balls are white so it’s all rainbow madness.

There’s another club space upstairs with better music, and there’s a nice bartender up there who gave me a free shot cos it was my birthday, but obviously it’s all about BALLPIT. It was fucking epic. I was SO SORE yesterday, because I spent about ninety minutes (before our slot ended) alternately dancing and throwing balls around and having other people throw balls at me and swimming in the balls and then heaving myself out of them and then being tackled by a friend. (It occurs to me that that place could be the source of the GREATEST MOSH PIT OF ALL TIME.) Balls no longer seems like a word. BALLS OUT BALLISTIC BALLS TO THE WALL BALLS UP BONANZA, as Miss Godfrey said.

Afterwards we’d been planning to hit another Dalston club, but the ballpit made us all even more disgustingly sweaty than you’d get from an average two hours’ dancing in an underground room, so we went back to Miss Godfrey and Ginger Nut’s and partied there. Which meant we could choose our own music, within the limitations of Ginger Nut’s ipod: the Mountain Goats, Eurovision songs, and nostalgic Noughties emo. All of which I am 10000000% on board with. Plus at least three renditions of I. LOVE. EEEEEUUUUUUROPE, which remains bittersweet and piquant and after the second time the two Europeans of the nine-or-so people left were looking bemused and mournful and the was-gonna-work-in-Brussels brother of Miss Godfrey was drinking like a fish. (I mean. Brexit doesn’t dominate every social occasion the way it did the month afterwards, but ohhhh it’s there.)

Bonus joy was wearing a great new dress and knee-high boots and having just had a haircut so I felt amazing. Post-haircut I got a twist done on my naturally curly hair, so by party time the vibe was Sexy Poodle.

I’ve also scored really excellent presents, including a Romeo and Juliet Choose Your Own Adventure, a Nerdfighters woodcut print, a goooorgeous hummingbird notebook, the most adorable Harry Potter necklace of all, The Refugees by Viet Thanh Nguyen, a Shit Just Got Magical photo album and stickers and some photos to put in it as I like, and a big fuckoff bottle of vodka. Not to mention my laptop, which was an early birthday present and makes me so so happy.


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