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This latest attack has hit closer to home than any attack before. I have students at Finsbury Park mosque; I have a student living on Seven Sisters Road; it’s two tube stops from me. There were friends-of-friends on Facebook whose mums go to that mosque and hadn’t heard from them yet; an old National Union of Students LGBTQ acquaintance goes there. Today has not been my best day ever. And given that both ISIS-inspired dickheads and Islamophobic terrorists seem to love attacking during Ramadan I am worrying a bit about Eid.

I keep thinking about the imam there, Mohammed Mahmoud. He’s just thirty years old, and he heard the crash and ran out. By then a group of men had the suspect pinned down, and they were beating him - incredibly scary, but understandable, given they’d just seen him mow people down. (And specifically mow down people who had circled round an elderly man having a medical emergency, wanting to help. I don’t understand.) And the imam yelled at them - don’t hurt him, just wait for the police. Then he and a group of others stayed there, protecting this person they’d just seen gleefully murder people they knew, for what must have been an endless eight minutes until the police arrived.

A few hours earlier I’d been watching Cursed Child again with two good friends.

HARRY: She’s a murderer, and we’re not.

HERMIONE: We have to be better than them.

RON: It’s really annoying but it’s what we learnt.

Sleepover Saturday

Saturday, 13 February 2016 10:04 pm
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I've had an obnoxious, stressful week. Work stuff was kind of difficult, my washing machine is broken, some physical pain, and also I have three new roommates. Two of them don't really like me and I don't really like them, and the other has a dog. No one warned me a dog was moving in; I'm mildly allergic and it howls sometimes and growled at me the other day. I don't hate dogs but like. :S

Making friends has sort of stalled, particularly since the teacher I was living with, becoming good friends with, and doing some exploring of Cagliari with decided she didn't like the job and moved back home.

Also funeral (well, celebration of life, but) of BFF's dad is tomorrow and I will be here, not celebrating his life or supporting friends who will have a very difficult day.

I don't need sympathy comments or anything, life is still pretty good! But still, this week needs as much delicious Italian pizza and meme-y chatting with you guys as possible to repair.

Leave me comments about:

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An update is coming soon, I promise! But basically: )

SO LET'S PLAY A MEME. A meme where we may end up chatting in the comments but I need only communicate with gifs!

(If and when I do that inevitable irrational 'fuck Tumblr fandom and its weird lack of communication and reliance on visuals' rant post, please do not bring this up.)

SO PLEASE GIMME A CHARACTER OR PAIRING (or book or foodstuff or politician, IDC) in the comments and I will give you a gif to express my feelings on the matter. This meme is open for daaaaays.

Also I will reply to comments soon I'm sorry
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So you know how I was all pleased because my RL deadlines were over with and I could spend the weekend writing? Yeah... that didn’t happen. A new RL deadline for this Thursday has sprung up. It wouldn’t be very arduous, except for one thing which is going to make it incredibly hard: I’m spending Monday to Wednesday in Amsterdam.

HUZZAH, right? )

[personal profile] sugareey is awesome. You know how I know this? Because I commissioned her and got some FANTASTIC art! I asked her for Snape and Draco from either DH or HBP. You can actually interpret it as either one – Snape’s lecturing Draco, and you can see his desperation – OMG that mouth, nearly a snarl – and Draco just looks trapped and miserable and SO PRETTY. *fondles his hair* Also EYELASHES. Draco’s pout v Snape’s mouth says so much.

I ♥ commissioning art, you guys. *cuddles the lovely art* Especially art like this. I love the Snape/Draco relationship, especially because stuff like this – where I interpret it as entirely platonic – is still angsty and powerful and awesome.

cut for Time To Go by sugareey )

So: here a link to where [personal profile] sugareey posted her art for me so you can leave her glowing feedback. I’ll be back Thursday night at the earliest. Have fun and don’t break the internet!
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I am very stressed just now – WHY SO MANY IMPORTANT THINGS AT ONCE, UNIVERSE? – and I have to go out again tonight. Which will be very fun, I’m sure, and it’s a friend’s birthday. I just yearn for space to get stuff done. Also, the stress is giving me a bit of writer’s block.

And yet, this morning I am very happy. Why? Well, [personal profile] woldy gave me balloons! Just because! And [personal profile] bewarethesmirk and [personal profile] girlofavalon made Happy Birthday posts for me! And also, this week I won at [profile] sortinghatdrabs! HUZZAH!

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Title: Luna Triumphant
Word count: ~200
Characters/pairings: Dean/Luna
Rating: PG
Summary: Dean’s first exhibition takes place at Malfoy Manor.
Warnings: none
Disclaimer: The boys belong to JKR, even though I’m often much nicer to them than she is.
Author’s Notes: I KILL THIS WORD LIMIT WITH MY BRAIN. Also, ‘RP’ = Received Pronunciation. The pairing was Dean/Luna, and the prompt was art is life, and life is transformation – Antoni Tapies

Luna Triumphant )


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