Saturday, 1 July 2017 11:43 pm
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*makes so many wicked plans*

I wanna do arrest probably, and poisoned, and I can't NOT do secret identity revealed given what happens in Final Fantasy XV and my new enormous obsession. Leaning towards the bottom row rn but we'll have to see...

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Cursed Child Eve

Saturday, 20 August 2016 11:39 pm
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Tomorrow I’m going to see Cursed Child! So excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve heard great things from my friends who’ve actually seen it. A lot of ‘meh’, ‘middling’, ‘disappointing’ kind of noises from those who’ve read the script, but theatre lives in performance and the reviews have been stellar so I’m expecting great things. I have very little idea about the plot - thank you for cutting spoilers, everyone. I was originally going to see the play in late June, but then moving to Italy happened. I’m so lucky because it was riiiight as I was about to go nuts and dive into a pile of spoilers that a lovely fandom friend offered a spare ticket.

This is weird and lovely. It doesn't feel like new Potter to me in the way the books did, because it's a different medium - but it is a medium I love and I really have no expectations. Man I'm glad I have no particular feelings about the next gen, although I do definitely have feelings and Draco and his family, including the next generation of it.

(I thought about writing an epilogue-compliant H/D at one point where they sleep together, and for Harry it's this grand revelation and anguished emotion and he asks Draco to leave Astoria, and Draco's like "...but I have an open marriage, and I love her. I'm happy with my wife, it's not my fault if you're not happy with yours." And Harry's all emotional and Draco can't not be affected by it, in all these complicated painful ways because of all their history. But he talks about how Astoria was old enough to be hugely affected by the war, but not old enough to be required to take sides (if you imagine her as three or four years younger). And the Greengrasses weren't Death Eaters. She had the chance to choose someone else and she chose him, despite all the stains of his past, the sins of his father. And that's always what Draco wanted, to be chosen. And how could he ever repay that by walking away? So it ends with Harry heartbroken, poor kiddo, and Draco as always putting his family above everything else and having Astoria do the same for him. Anyway...)

It’s lovely to have this be my first play now I’m back in London as well - I did miss the theatre living in Cagliari!

AFTER ALL IT’S ONLY ONE MORE SLEEP TIL ~CURSED CHILD (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

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SO. Who here remembers Diacon? Because some of the same people have got together and we’re gonna put on a Harry Potter reunion con in 2017.

This isn’t the Big Announcement, which is why there aren’t any beautiful graphics. (Beautiful graphics are afoot though. My god.) It’s just me telling my personal network, for a couple of reasons. I’m really excited, and I know some of you will be really excited, and also we’re recruiting for the con committee.

So this con is in the very early stages of planning. At the moment we’re looking to have it the first weekend of September 2017, e.g. Nineteen Years Later. (The Friday is the 1st.) It’s going to be southeast England - at the moment we’re thinking very close to the Harry Potter studios so we can have a really cool event there, but it may end up being in London itself or another nearby commuter town. It’s going to be sort of Harry Potter Plus -- something for those in HP fandom, but also a reunion event for people still in fandom who’ve moved on from Potter but still want to come back, visit their old fannish stomping grounds and see old friends again.

The big thing here is: we need an Access person. ASAP. In a perfect world it’d be someone who can be involved with accessibility right through planning and into the con (obviously helped by the rest of the committee and volunteers) but in the short term an Access person to help us with choosing the venue & working out what we need would be fab. Feel free to link this post to people if you think they might be interested :D


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YAY IT’S TIME FOR THE WISHLISTS! Link me if you’ve posted yours. For reasons of finance and logistics I’m not doing Christmas cards this year, which has only made me more excited for wish-granting for the flist!

If you want my RL address, please ask - my fandom e-mail address is If you prefer the SURPRISE! method, you can ask [personal profile] melusinahp, [profile] dora_the_nymph, [personal profile] son_of_darkness, [personal profile] magic_at_mungos... DW people, you’re probably better off asking [personal profile] kabal42. I don’t think any of these people actually know my new address yet, but they can ask suspicion-free :)

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And, of course, for you all to have a wonderful time. And comfort for those of you who won’t, because this is the time of year when we’re all told it’s time to be joyful and merry and happy and giving and getting piles of gifts; and when you aren’t happy, none of that is very helpful. So I hope for good things for all of you.

I’m one of the lucky ones: I am definitely in the Christmas spirit this year!
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As in 2009, this year I’ll be posting a favourite poem every day of National Poetry Month. In the UK, this is November. Don’t worry though: the poetry is opt-in! You will only see it if you're on the filter.

If you were on the National Poetry Month filter in 2009, you’re still there. If you aren’t (and no one is automatically, and I have a lot of flisters who weren’t around then) then comment and I’ll add you. Don’t worry if you’re usually a lurker :)




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