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Thursday, 6 July 2017 10:37 pm
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Kink encapsulated by two of my colleagues today:

S: Just tell me what to do.
J: Yes! I love telling you what to do!
S: I love not thinking about anything!
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I wasn’t online on Friday, being at work, then the pub, then asleep. BUT THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR THE APPRECIATION ♥ I APPRECIATE READERS AND RECCERS AND OTHER WRITERS TOO. [ profile] capitu and [ profile] my_thestral, you made my day!

In other forms of catching-up, I did the trope meme (how could I not?) and [ profile] notearchiver’s kink meme as well. The kink meme was 10000% harder.

For both of them I noticed the difficulty in navigating apathy versus hate, and more importantly - especially with the kink meme - ‘things I like but don’t love’ vs ‘things I like significantly less, or even usually dislike, but I always remember that one fic that made them awesome’. (Eg wax play vs CBT.) Plus, as the kink meme went on I found myself occasionally going for ‘what I like IRL’ vs what I like to read in fanfic!

AND there was stuff like - men crossdressing does nothing for me, unless it’s used for humiliation (and even then it needs to work in a specific way) or really works the characters’ being into it. Women crossdressing/wearing traditionally male stuff though, that melts my brain. I like smut with fat characters, especially art, but ‘fat admiration’ as a kink isn’t my thing, except loving descriptions of fat bodies kind of shades into that? IDK I AM EASILY CONFUSED.

It was strange giving hurt/comfort such a low score, but it's a narrative kink rather than a sexual one!

For all that, it came out really accurate I think. I managed to always choose one of the the two, even when it was between two massive squicks, which helped.

Anyway, here are my answers for the kink meme )

And the trope meme )
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You're at work and you realise the nipple clamps you bought last weekend are still in your bag.

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