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Wednesday, 29 October 2014 02:17 am
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Gah. I have bonus other forms of feeling-ill-ness now, including a v sore throat, so I just emailed my manager and told him I won’t be in tomorrow/later today. Teaching with a sore throat is the WORST THING and I’m not doing it.

On the upside, I have chocolate :) A really lovely IELTS student of mine came in to tell us her results. She needed a 7.5 overall, which is an advanced level of English -- academic IELTS is the exam you take to study at British or Australian universities. Most undergrad courses require somewhere between a 5.5 and a 7; a 9 is the top mark and requires being proficiency-level, ie speaking like a native. So 7.5 = tough.

AND SHE DID IT. She got a 7 for speaking and writing (she was nervous, she said) and an 8 for reading and an 8.5 for listening! I’m so thrilled for her, she worked so hard and totally deserved it.

And she was really, really lovely. She brought a box of Celebrations for everyone and a MASSIVE box of Thorntons just for me :D And she wrote us a feedback form which was glowing and I (and the two other teachers she had) specifically got namechecked as having inspired her to practice her English at every opportunity via our PASSION AND DEDICATION.

I love my job :D

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So I have reached a milestone in my career as a teacher: the first time I hated a student.

A bunch of my friends have heard about this student, because I had to spend fifteen hours a week with him for WEEKS and he was... dramatically, astonishingly awful. I’d come in every day after class and complain about him to my colleagues, and when I tried not to because I didn’t want to be boring, they'd ask because his horribleness was entertaining in its sheer scale.

I’m sure I’ve missed some things even in this epic post.

The worst part was that I didn’t want to chuck him out (though the Director of Studies made it clear I could at my discretion) because he was my guarantee of full-time hours until Christmas. Now I don’t have that because he's been chucked out. But I feel ZERO regret.

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This has been an unfun week in some ways: either LJ was down or the internet was, plus a south-Vietnam-wide power cut that lasted for hoooours yesterday while I died from lack of air conditioning.

BUT. On the plus side, there have been cool celebrations and exhibitions and that to mark Buddha's birthday. I'm just sorry I missed the lighting up of five giant lotuses in front of a monastery last week. But today was a parade!

I didn't know about it, and I caught it on my way home from work on a motorbike so I couldn't take a picture even if my camera wasn't kaput :( Apologies. It was cool, though - floats with enormous lengths of plastic and real flowers with multicoloured fairy lights threaded through them, people sitting on them waving Buddhist flags, these big images of smiling Buddhists pasted on the sides of the floats. Lots of people were just on their motorbikes with big Buddhist flags, too, and people sticking out of cars to wave them, and light-up Buddhas beaming away everywhere.

It was a very Saigon sort of parade: God forbid the main roads, or any roads, be shut for it. So there were the floats, and people on motorbikes with flags around them, and also people just trying to get from A to B. I was going the other way up Cách Mạng Tháng 8 so I could get a pretty good look, but it was a near-traffic jam. Once I was at the junction I got to see floats going at their top speed, just part of the traffic, until they were out of the way and could slow down to an elegant 3 miles an hour :)

That was entertaining. Work was slightly more stressful; good lesson, got three more planned. But it's occurred to me that one of my students might be on the autism spectrum )

Let's do my preferred variety of the Alphabet meme: I make a list of the letters of the alphabet, and you give me stuff you want me to talk about, beginning with any letter. I'll cross out each letter as I get a subject to discuss. It can be any topic: fannish or not, deep or not, WS or not. I'll make a post about those subjects in the next week or so. You can give me as many topics as you like!

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Bleurgh. Mondays are usually my blissful day off after a hardcore weekend: no teaching, and no worrying yet about doing all my lesson planning and making materials. But I have a stomach bug. I’ve spent eighteen of the last twenty-four hours asleep, and much of the other six throwing up.

And I woke up blissfully expecting it to have been a twenty-four hour thing. NOT SO MUCH.

FUCKING CHILDREN. I bet I know which kid it was, too. He came in on Saturday saying he was sick - “my stomach ow” - and then gave me a snack (which was super-sweet though I didn’t eat it) and rushed to hold my hand when we played games. I washed my hands after the class but clearly that was not enough to fight off his adorable need to share his bacteria.

Ah well. This weekend was a pretty good one. teaching update )


Thursday, 27 December 2012 12:57 pm
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It’s not the teachers who are meant to dream about going to school naked.


Well, on the plus side, I’m going to use superheroes to teach my 12-year-olds about indefinite pronouns. And I’m redoing the materials to fix the racist task (do you want to go to Australia, England, Scotland, France, Japan, or Africa? One of these things is not like the others.)

Most importantly, however badly my observed lesson went last weekend, I won’t be fired for wandering the classroom dressed in scarlet knickers and nothing else.

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Sort of headachey today, probably because I'm stressed. (Also haven't eaten yet despite being up super-early. But I need to wait for another couple of hours, until it's not the heat of the day, because I would rather be hungry than hot.) Nothing too bad; I had observations of other people's classes this weekend, and tomorrow I have a day of induction workshops at the big centre in Ho Chi Minh City. (I work at HCM2, which is a quarter of the size.) Then I need to go into work to do lesson planning and stuff, try to get a handle on where my classes are. I officially start work on Saturday and it'll be a bit of a baptism of fire: four two-hour classes both Saturday and Sunday. My first lesson begins at 7:40, and the last ends around 8pm I think. Plus I have to do one-on-one speaking tests my first day. ARRRGH.

But it will probably be fine! )

Now back to writing smut and watching Buffy season 7. A Conversations With Dead People watch became an impromptu rewatch. I'm enjoying, and as ways to cope with culture shock go, this is a good one. One of my colleagues took up smoking when he moved to the Phillipines last year. Although - all of the Faith ~feelings )


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