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Hey, I never told you guys I was at the last day of Nine Worlds! It was SUPER brief so sadly I didn’t meet any flisters (and saw like five people across the bar I wanted to chat with and then they were gone. *waves at [personal profile] rozk and [profile] abigailb*) It was great though. At about 11a.m. I was at Miss Godfrey and Ginger Nut’s flat, having stayed over after bridesmaid-ing, and feeling happy but very sweaty and morning-after-y, when what do I see? A Facebook post offering a Sunday pass because a friend of mine, sadly, had ill family members. So I nabbed it, went home and showered, and then LAST SIX HOURS OF NINE WORLDS YAY. Which just consisted of barcon, basically, but it was lovely to stop in and soak up the energy.

Also hahaha it was funny being in that particular place, because like. Suddenly am not the femme-iest queer girl in the room! *hugs [profile] dora_the_nymph and her glitter nail varnish* And at the wedding - well both brides are very femme, right, but I was in this plunging bridesmaid dress with a massive petticoat and sparkly heels, and then some mutual friends from uni showed up, who were two lesbians + girlfriends all rocking the buttoned-up-shirt-and-jeans uniform. The five of us went outside to hang out/smoke, and I looked around and was just like ...yes, yep, I am definitely on one side of this dynamic.

(A ~friend of mine did my hair before a fancy evening one time, and I loooove getting my hair played with and pulled and she was being all subtly dominant and it was great. But it does make me laugh in retrospect because like, how do femme women flirt with each other? CONSTRUCTING ELABORATE UPDOS. Obviously.)

drunken family wedding shenanigans - not mine )

ANYWAY. I’m staying in tonight and looking at jobs abroad (my work has become very part-time, I don’t think it’ll be tenable after October) and I’m thinking I’ll do a meme to encourage chatting. I’ve missed you guys.

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Saturday, 10 January 2015 07:54 pm
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So I was hanging out with my sisters, and Youngest Sister (who’s a history undergrad) says Rutherford Hayes, an American President, was hot when he was young.

MIDDLE SISTER AND LOKIFAN: *skeptical eyebrows*
YOUNGEST SISTER: No really, Google him! Rutherford Hayes. With ‘young’.
MIDDLE SISTER: Okay... He’s not hot.
LOKIFAN: He’s totally not.
MIDDLE SISTER: Youngest Sister, what is your taste? *keeps going down the results page* Ooh, who’s this cutie?
MIDDLE SISTER: Shit, Stalin!

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Not even past

Saturday, 11 January 2014 01:45 pm
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I will catch up, I swear. But in the meantime, have this.

My mother amazes me sometimes. My parents are classic right-on middle-class bohemians, from fairly posh backgrounds (maternal grandfather was a Tory politician, Dad went to boarding school then Cambridge) who put up Labour flags every election then left over the Iraq war and ID cards respectively.

You would expect an appropriate degree of middle-class guilt over the Empire; my maternal grandmother's father was the governor of a province in Sudan. I mean straight-up colonial overlord. But my mum is like... well. This came up because at lunch we were talking about some of our ancestors and those of Middle Sister's boyfriend.

MUM: do you know what my mum's father did?

LOKIFAN: Colonial overlord. )
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I remember hearing that even more than travel, DIY and household emergencies are the way to see who someone really is/see if you and Person X are a good fit. Based on this morning, my parents and I are not suited to a lifetime together.

My parents tell me I'm careless. I think of that Oscar Wilde quote and reply "if only."

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1. I have a shiny new layout! (On LJ, anyway... My DW desperately needs fixing up.) I went through four other ones before settling on this one. It’s a big change from my last one, but there’s still plenty of colour and I don’t feel like a shill for Nike, which is nice. Pklus I loved the unity of theme with that layout and my long-time default icon, but I do actually have a super-pretty Lokifan icon waiting in the wings which goes with this new layout nicely. Excite!

(Sorry, I care too much about layouts. But it’s pretty! And I get to have a subtitle again!)

2. The family is here! The first 48 hours were great, then there was a somewhat disastrous conversation about my future and the next day I failed HEAVILY. Couldn’t bring myself to go and meet them. Guilt guilt guilt. So much guilt, in fact, I didn’t log on to Skype to talk to my friends that day even though I really wanted to because then I’d have to admit why I felt like crap. The family went to Hanoi that day, and they’re back on Thursday. On Friday we leave to spend EIGHT DAYS TOGETHER in Cambodia. Pray for me.

3. I had my six-months observation at work today. It did not go brilliantly. I have the feedback from that on Thursday, plus my six-months professional development interview, and then I have to teach a three-hour class and then go and see my family for the first time since I flaked on them. THURSDAYS SUCK.

3a. Although the observed-by-my-boss portion of the class didn’t go fantastically, in the last forty-five minutes my students shared some watercolours and got a Plaster-of-Paris duck or crocodile each to paint. And two of them gave me their finished statues :D :D :D Two more didn’t want theirs, so me and Ngoc, the TA, took two home each. I took the two crocodiles, who are now sitting on my shelf getting to know the crocodile I painted myself with another class yesterday.

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Working through my flist backlog. Am caught up, yet so many tabs. MORE THAN A HUNDRED AND FIFTY TABS, PEOPLE. DROWNING NOT WAVING IN TABS. *flailhands*

And yet, you people. So brilliant.

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I need to go to Russia. That’s how you block out an impressive lot of red. It’s not about all the fascinating ickle European countries. Screw you, Belgium.

My mama’s going to Geneva tomorrow, leaving me and Youngest Sister to our own devices. And Youngest Sister’s boyfriend has chosen now to get the flu. And it’s half-term. If Mum returns to find me and Youngest Sister cage-fighting in the sitting room she has only herself to blame.

RL and the Draco Awards

Thursday, 29 July 2010 06:56 pm
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I’m off to Norwich Pride this weekend! I’m really looking forward to it. The march will be short, sadly – it’s had to be cut because we need a police presence due to rather unpleasant letters from Christian protestors, and there are only so many bobbies free on a Saturday to keep an eye on us! But there’s gonna be a picnic, and lectures, and PARTYING ALL NIGHT in the evening. :DDDD I’m especially looking forward to it because even though quite a few of my friends won’t be able to make it, some will. I haven’t seen most of them in a month and I miss them all madly. I’m going to have to try hard at the picnic to actually talk to everybody and be welcoming and social, instead of sitting with my very bestest friends having a cuddle.

The TV has been cutting out a lot, apparently – I don’t watch it much – and the parentals decided to replace it. This all made sense to me. Only they’ve replaced it with a FUCKING MASSIVE flatscreen. I am completely weirded out by this rather uncharacteristic decision, and when I went to check it out I just sort of looked at the screen and thought it was weird seeing such big faces.

I’m sure I’ll get used to it, it’s just odd. Previous to this we had a rather elderly telly with a screen about a third bigger than my laptop’s screen. And frankly, I tend to judge people with enormous flatscreens for their conspicuous consumption. :S Less so these days, because more people have them, but still.

Back to the happiness: [livejournal.com profile] dracoawards has opened voting on its Harry/Draco nominations! cut for babble about the Draco Awards and my nominations!! )


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