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Saturday, 24 December 2016 12:25 am
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So I realised recently I’m too poor to send Christmas cards to you guys this year. Which makes me sad; yours have begun to arrive and they make me so happy!!

So, whether you send Festivus cards or not: please leave a character/pairing/threesome etc in the comments, along with a one-word prompt. [One-word rule is flexible but aimed at keeping out complicated ideas.] Prompt can be festive but doesn’t have to be, particularly since Christmas ghost stories are a classic for a reason and I’m kind of in the mood for some dark porn. I’m going to spend the Twelve Days of Christmas writing and posting drabbles for everyone who asks, amidst seeing lots of extended family members and teaching people on the 27th.
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On Sunday I had Fake Christmas with my uni BFFs and their SOs - dinner and presents and singing to Fairytale of New York at the home of Miss Godfrey and her Gentleman Caller, which was lovely. (And [livejournal.com profile] creatore_magico, they were THRILLED with the art. THRILLED. Seriously.) And I got a book bag of amazing from Violet and her girlfriend, and an in-jokey fox hat from Miss Godfrey and her boyfriend, AND MISS GODFREY GAVE US ALL RED SCARFS TO WEAR FOR THE NEXT BIT.

Which was going to a Muppet Christmas Carol singalong. It was lovely. Miss Godfrey went home drunk without telling us :( and Violet and I left for a bit in the middle to look for her and to eventually get her to answer her phone. But she was okay and we returned to when you do your best for love it feels like Christmas so.

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Title: Fear and Self-Loathing in Hogsmeade
Word count: ~4000
Characters/pairings: Madam Rosmerta/Draco
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Draco’s teammates insist on heading to the Three Broomsticks, not knowing what Draco once did to Madam Rosmerta, and he can’t say no.
Warnings: D/s, Imperius use, dub-con
Disclaimer: The boys and girls belong to JKR, even though I’m often much nicer to them than she is.
Author’s Notes: I wrote this for [personal profile] melusinahp, who was my Secret Santa giftee with my RL friends this year. (We focus on Make The Present, which with me means either distinctly mediocre biscuits or porn.) She prompted the pairing at [community profile] hp_kinkfest yonks ago, although I went in kind of a different direction from that implied by “an older woman initiates a younger man into sex”. Hopefully she likes it anyway, though.

Fear and Self-Loathing in Hogsmeade )
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OH MY GOD. Guys, I am so INCREDIBLY sorry for this. Especially [personal profile] silvernatasha - you wrote me a wonderful gift for Kinky Kristmas! And my response sucked balls! Or something way less pleasant than balls!

So, when I do a post with a lot of coding I post it on private first so I can check how it cross-posts and stuff. And I posted this almost a month ago… and never took it off private. I guess in the Christmas whirl, and the fact that it was just thanks and a rec, the lack of comments didn’t make an impression.


So extra thanks to [livejournal.com profile] sassy_cissa - your card is insanely cute and I love that you commissioned a fanartist for Christmas cards AND OMG DRACO STOLE HARRY’S GLASSES AND HE HAS THEM ON HIS HEAD WHILE THEY KISS I’M DYING - but also remembering to thank you for your card is how I discovered the fail.


SQUEEEEEE. OMG you guys, my desk looks AWESOME. Why? Because I am covering its top shelf thingy with cards from all of YOU. )AND THEN.

GUYS IT IS THE FIC I HAVE BEEN CRAVING ALL YEAR, NO LIE. It is Pansy getting punished for being a bitch and nipple play and Daphne as the most perfect, teasing domme. I love the characterisation of Pansy - bitchy and attacking other women on their appearance, it's so canon and so nasty. And Daphne smiling and kissing her cheek, just part of her crew of ladies who lunch, and then OH SNAP PRO-DOMME DAPHNE KNOWS ALL YOUR SECRETS AND YOU ARE GONNA PAY. The spanking is gorgeous and there are some genius little magical details I won’t spoil. AND OMG PANSY LIES TO GET CROPPED MORE AND THERE IS SCORCHING NIPPLE PLAY AND THE END IS TANTALISING PERFECTION. Go and read it right now!

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I have claimed my Kinky Kristmas wish. MY JOY, IT IS TREMENDOUS. I haven't decided what I want to do with it yet (there are lots of possible combinations from the characters I was given, and they all have cool possibilities) but it's a great prompt. Watchers can claim now, so I strongly recommend grabbing yourself a wish to fulfill – deadline's not until the 29th of November and Daily Deviant members think of great, sexy wishes with lots of room for creativity.

Speaking of November: National Poetry Month is coming up. (Not, you know, for my nation. But whatever.) What I've traditionally done is put up a filter and have people opt-in for a daily poem during November. I'm considering just posting and letting people scroll, but there are good reasons to go either way. So, poll time! All opinions strongly welcomed. Poll is anonymous (on DW, anyway. Not sure it works on LJ.)

Poll #14293 National Poetry Month
This poll is anonymous.
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 4

Should I...

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Post my November daily poems under an opt-in filter, as usual
0 (0.0%)

Post my November daily poems under flock (not fannish) but for everyone
2 (50.0%)

Post my November daily poems totally unlocked
2 (50.0%)

Something else I will suggest in comments
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Tuesday, 8 January 2013 10:41 pm
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I keep meaning to say: thank you [profile] tuwahine, [personal profile] hpstrangelove, [personal profile] lilyginny27, [personal profile] icicle33, [personal profile] olimakiella, and Anonymous for my gingerbread men! And to [personal profile] frayach for my noisemaker and [profile] jacobnorman for my silver ornament! Every one of you lights up my flist and my life on a regular basis. (At least, if I count Anonymous as a collective also responsible for lovely comments on my fic.)

While we’re on the subject of things I should’ve done ages ago:

GO AND SIGN UP. There’s still plenty of time! Ron/Draco for all!

My submission’s going pretty well, I think...

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Argh - I really want to do a proper recs post, but I've run out of time before a WEEKEND OF DOOM comes upon me. (At the weekends, I am at the centre from 7am to 8:30pm both days. EIGHT TEACHING HOURS BOTH DAYS. The price I pay for four teaching hours during the week.) BUT I WANT TO TALK ABOUT THE AWESOME.

So - favourite fics and art of the season so far? Which fests are rocking your socks? I have sadly yet to really dive into Yuletide, but I'm eyeing up the new Bring It On fics with enthusiasm...

Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, 25 December 2012 04:56 am
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Something heartwarming and glowy seems necessary.

But I also need to post my ultimate Christmas song.

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Christmas Spirit

Saturday, 24 December 2011 02:08 am
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Tomorrow morning I head off for West Sussex, and no one’s sure if there’ll be wifi. Fingers crossed -- but if not, I will see you all on the 29th. Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it, my sympathies to those who don’t at this trying time of year :)

Title: Christmas Spirit
Word count: 100
Characters/pairings: Ron/Draco
Rating: R
Summary: Draco is not a fan of puns.
Warnings: none
Disclaimer: The boys and girls belong to JKR, even though I’m often much nicer to them than she is.
Author’s Notes: This was written for the current prompt at [livejournal.com profile] rondracodrabble, to give and to receive.

Christmas Spirit )
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Kinky Kristmas - as well as the other winter fests - is upon us, darlings! (To paraphrase John Green, I feel like they’re sort of preying upon us.) Because I am a scandalously late sort of person, at this juncture I must ask if anyone would be all right to beta my KK fic? It’s pretty short. More details if requested in email or PM :) Someone who’s either not involved in DD or is a mod would be preferred, cos Kinky Kristmas does double-blind prompting & claiming: I don’t know who I’m writing for :)

Speaking of Christmas things: YAY I have a present!! [personal profile] lilachigh, being a lovely human, has sent me something! I am Being Strong and not opening it, though.

The same cannot be said of the TOTALLY ADORABLE fic [personal profile] alafaye wrote me, though. You guys. So cute. Harry/Draco and ice-skating! And Draco being grumpy cos he doesn’t want to skate, but giving in because Harry never got to go due to his terrible childhood. That detail just made me wibble all over the place. You can find the fic here - go and leave some love!!!
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YAY IT’S TIME FOR THE WISHLISTS! Link me if you’ve posted yours. For reasons of finance and logistics I’m not doing Christmas cards this year, which has only made me more excited for wish-granting for the flist!

If you want my RL address, please ask - my fandom e-mail address is lokifan.lj@gmail.com. If you prefer the SURPRISE! method, you can ask [personal profile] melusinahp, [profile] dora_the_nymph, [personal profile] son_of_darkness, [personal profile] magic_at_mungos... DW people, you’re probably better off asking [personal profile] kabal42. I don’t think any of these people actually know my new address yet, but they can ask suspicion-free :)

Guidelines )

My wishlist )

And, of course, for you all to have a wonderful time. And comfort for those of you who won’t, because this is the time of year when we’re all told it’s time to be joyful and merry and happy and giving and getting piles of gifts; and when you aren’t happy, none of that is very helpful. So I hope for good things for all of you.

I’m one of the lucky ones: I am definitely in the Christmas spirit this year!
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Merry Christmas, darlings! :D
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I am feeling Christmassy! I bought the last gift for my housemate today – we’re having Christmas on Thursday (before two of us go home on the Friday) and I am SO EXCITED for the three of them to see the gifts. Socks with teacups and gorgeous black stilettos and dresses and earrings and a hairband! OPEN THEM I WANT YOU TO LOOK REALLY HAPPY WHILE I FEEL SMUG.

You know why else I’m feeling Christmassy? No, not because I’ve been reading [community profile] hd_holidays fic, tragically. (I am so sorry, darlings. Some day soon there will be time to catch up with you all!) But because I’ve started getting adorable Christmas cards!

Thank you to [personal profile] dirty_darella, and to [personal profile] rons_pigwidgeon for the delicious bonus Ron/Draco smut! My ‘present’ LJ gifts from [profile] babydracky and [personal profile] thepretender501 were much appreciated too. Oh, and [personal profile] nenne, I was really pleased to get the fruit-basket LJ-gift when I started posting again and I’m not sure I ever thanked you – so thanks! :)

Other sources of seasonal joy? Our house is deliciously tacky and shiny, I have eaten way more Lindt than is good for me, and [profile] creatore_magico has done Diacon Alley an adorable Christmas banner.


I am quietly getting ever more excited about [livejournal.com profile] diacon_alley. There are such incredibly cool plans in place for our celebration of Harry’s victory. Post-war chic = ftw!

I have various panel ideas, too, but that’s another post.
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Okay so this dream is sticking with me, so I am going to post about it! Some people find dreams fascinating (me) others horrifically dull (probably you) but never mind, it is my LJ, you don’t have to read it, it’s all fine!

Can you tell I feel boring and navel-gazey posting this? Even though I don’t want to talk about the whole narrative (!!!) just the part where some kids tried to kill me with fruit.

I have long, complex, plotty dreams. They’re actually very cool. I’m not usually myself – although I was for most of this one – and I quite often watch my ‘self’ from a mix of third- and first- person POV while they had adventures. This is occasionally disorientating.

I was taking a bus to Israel with some people from uni who I didn’t know well. We got lunch, and they were mean to me. At this point I became Neal Caffrey. (Yeah, idek.) )

Right, just so this post isn’t entirely formed of Some Dream I Had: CHRISTMAS CARDS! (The cards will not actually relate to Christmas.) Who wants one? Leave a comment and your address (comments screened) – and a pairing and prompt if you so choose. That way, although I’m making no promises, you might get PORN.

In A Naked Way

Wednesday, 16 December 2009 09:53 pm
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Aww, LJ's Christmas theme is up! And there's snow!

(WARNING: Scrooge moment. OMG, I am fucking freezing, you guys. I got GOOSEBUMPS when I went into the kitchen - God knows what we'll do tomorrow with the severe weather warning. Stupid postwar houses and their shitty construction.)

Still, nothing can destroy my Christmas spirit. I never get Christmas spirit, so this time I'll enjoy it.

Title: In A Naked Way
Word count: 200
Characters/pairings: Harry/Draco
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: drunken fluff
Disclaimer: The boys belong to JKR, even though I’m often much nicer to them than she is.
Author’s Notes: This was written for [community profile] dracoharry100’s Christmas Challenge. The prompt is fruitcake.

In A Naked Way )

Heavenly Lokifan

Tuesday, 15 December 2009 09:30 pm
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:) A Christmas card arrived today! It was pretty and cute and had sparkly things inside it. Thank you, Sweets! Thank you also to Kye, [personal profile] alafaye and [personal profile] nursedarry for their Christmas cards. They’re all on my mantelpiece now, under my giant fan. (One of these days I should post pictures of my room. Just cos I like it.)

Speaking of love – the annual love meme is up! I’ve commented a bit there, but can’t see many flisters – go over for some anonymous love, if you’re so inclined. :) Am not in the mood myself.

Also, I played in [profile] sortinghatdrabs again this week; the pairing’s either George/Theo Nott or George/Tracey Davis. In practice, there’s some twinslashiness too. If you’ve in a kinky mood, I recommend checking out #2 – off-screen non-con that still manages to be hot, with bonus mindfucking! And of course, please vote!

Sleep in heavenly lokifan,
Sleep in heavenly lokifan.

Silent Night
from the Christmas Song Generator.

Get your own song :

...These memes are getting weird now. They all want to molest me, and/or fall asleep inside my heavenly self.

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Wishlist time! I really love the concept of the wishlists. :) Fandom is such a nice place. If you want my RL address, just ask; my fandom e-mail address is lokifan.lj@gmail.com

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Guidelines )

Lokifan’s wishlist: )

Advent drabbles

Friday, 7 November 2008 07:34 pm
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I thought I'd do them! But then I thought, wait, I'll need prompts. And then I thought, oh, I wanted to give my flist something for Christmas!

So this is the Prompt Post. Leave as many prompts as you want - kinks, words, scenarios, concepts, pairings, anything - and I'll post an advent drabble a day in December. Fandoms: Harry Potter, Buffy/Angel, Doctor Who/Torchwood. Also most book fandoms - [profile] blindmouse, should you wish for Luke/David or Christopher/Molly, now is the moment!

Hmm. I'm going to need a Christmas icon.

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Tuesday, 5 February 2008 10:25 am
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[personal profile] iwantasoda, I love you!

Guess what I just got (in a package that was completely covered in sellotape, I was nearly reduced to ripping at it with my teeth)!

A Harry Potter bookmark
A card with a rubber duck on it - it looks to me like it's a very happy duck, and water is spraying directly at a very interesting place, but this could just be fandom's effect on my brain. Erm, Chrissy, did you think this? Is it just me?
A journal - and it's so pretty and purple, and says 'made in USA' on its sticker, so I can all be 'nyah nyah, look at me' to all my friends who do not have anyone to send them American notebooks.
A WHOLE BOOK OF QUOTES. Clearly, my Christmas list was paid attention to.

I have to go squee some more now.

Thank you so much!

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