London Pride 2017

Sunday, 9 July 2017 03:02 pm
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So London Pride was amaaaaazing, as ever :D I showed up at 3 to start marching at 4, because London Pride is massive and our streets are narrow so even Section C didn’t get started for a good three hours. I marched with the National Union of Teachers - I was with two of my best friends, who’re both in the NUT, and my god I’d like to be unionised. So it was me, Violet and the Dark Lady (this was their first married Pride! ♥), Miss Godfrey, and Miss Godfrey’s lovely colleague and his husband. Lovely Colleague is a newly-qualified teacher and has been told Miss Godfrey is a bad influence (their school is a HORRORSHOW to the extent that Miss Godfrey is probably about to blow the whistle on SATS-results-fiddling). His lovely Korean husband was having his FIRST PRIDE EVER and they both clearly had a blast.

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RL, lately

Friday, 31 March 2017 10:03 pm
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The downside of having a working sleep schedule for even a couple of days seems to be that I can’t nap. Which is sad because I love naps and I’m fucking exhausted. I have a touch of tonsillitis I think (my body is a wonderland for that particular disease - I’ve had it upwards of 15 times in my life and I’m 27) and I’ve been working a lot.

Which on one level is great - not least because I can’t think of another month in my life thus far where spending £200 on tickets to see Cursed Child one more time would be a detour on my paying-off-debt goals but totally possible as opposed to massively out of reach. BUT IT IS AND I’M GOING AND I’M SO EXCITED. :DDD The cast is changing very soon, and while I’m sure the new cast will be great, I’m so grateful I’ll be able to see them all again. Noma and Jamie Parker will be especially hard to replace in my heart.

But oh god I’m so tired. bit about work )

I missed you! I’m so sad to have missed the sign-ups for H/D Remix and HP Threesomes and to not have had anything in the Ron/Draco fest. But life’s been very busy. Before my epic work weeks, I’ve been Doing London all over the place. Which is nice! Because London actually has a lot of free/low-cost-for-what-it-is stuff, and doing them is part of what makes the rent and the air pollution and the noise one thousand percent worth it, so that I can’t imagine loving anywhere else like this.

I went to the British Museum’s Crick Crack Club collaboration. storytelling, a musical, Hidden Figures )

I saw a rock musical about Lizzie Borden and Get Out as well, but that’s another post.

My birthday

Monday, 27 February 2017 03:47 am
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I’m in a great mood even though OW SO SORE. And not even for pervy reasons ;)

Earlier this week it was my birthday! Which was great, and thank you for the kind messages – will reply soonest, assuming the internet holds up better than it has been.

On the day [ profile] dora_the_nymph, her lovely husband A, and I went to see an all-female, one-hour version of Taming of the Shrew in a fringe pub. It was also set in 90s rave culture, which meant everyone was onstage (or at the side of the stage still acting) at all times dancing and that. The rave culture thing was a bit random and I think basically just there to allow for hilarious costuming and turning the “packet [whose] worth is great” line into a cocaine joke.

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That was stunning. Truly one of the best pieces of theatre I've ever seen; maybe the best. And I see quite a bit of theatre. As a production in itself it’s slick, funny, emotional, brilliantly put together. And I loved the story.

I can totally see why I heard a couple of people say they thought the idea sounded silly or “like bad fanfic” but as I thought at the time, "a lot of great theatre would sound ridiculous if you just explained the plot”. And yeah. I’m now reading the script and again, I can easily imagine how that would be “meh” which I’ve seen several times, including from non-fandom people - but in performance it is honestly BRILLIANCE. The script, as a friend of mine said, is maybe 5% of everything.

Sorry, I’m aware that I’m very lucky to live within thirty minutes of the West End, and that is probably a really annoying thing to hear. But it’s true.

I’m going to assume you’ve read or seen the play, but if you want me to explain stuff in comments I totally can!

This turned out to be many many words, so I’m going to put it in two parts for all our sakes. This is the stuff about specific characters, and then the next post will be everything else.

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OMG, you guys, I keep meaning to post about Daily Deviant’s Banging Birthday fest. TEN YEARS of daily deviance, that is a MILLION YEARS in internet time and the fic is great. And today the fic for ME posted!

Draco’s Banging Birthday by Anon. Draco/Neville, Draco+Luna/Ginny, Draco/Harry, Draco/Pansy, Draco/Kingsley. ~1200 words; NC-17; Restraints, anal, voyeurism, vaginal fingering, cunnilingus, threesome, rimming, anal fingering, vaginal fisting, size kink, biting, hint of D/s. Summary: From the prompt: Draco is a very spoilt birthday boy and he wants EVERYTHING. No, EVERYONE.

Draco is delightfully spoilt and hedonistic here; he’s made a list and scheduled lots of different people over the course of his birthday. We get to see different dynamics and kinks with different characters; I especially enjoyed the vine bondage with Neville and the fact that he and Pansy were awkward virgins together and know each other so well.

There’s lots of variety and the last line made me laugh. I also love that he cancels on Blaise without a second thought so he can have sex with Harry again (so callous, hahahaha) and how he gets all overwhelmed and suddenly submissive with Kingsley. So much fun.

But there’s a LOT of great fic and art going up, you should totally check it out.

art by [personal profile] thilia

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[ profile] gracerene and [ profile] alley_skywalker both tagged me in the Five Things That Make Me Happy Meme. Since I got tagged, I’m also going to do Five Things That Have Improved My Mood An Improbable Amount This Week )

Anyway. Those are all RL things, so more (mostly) fannish things… Five Things That Make Me Happy )
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GUUUUUUUUYS I know this is like the worst possible time to post BUT OMG I CANNOT WAIT. I will remind you later about this if need be. Because [ profile] hd_erised finally posted my gift (well like. That sounds ungrateful. But I have been going quietly mad waiting) and it is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!

I am so passionate about fanart, I am SO HAPPY I got art you guys. And it’s just wonderful.


I went all breathless and excited just seeing the title, haha, because like. YES. I love Harry and Draco's similarities and parallels in combination with their differences, so them as Aurors who can't get along but synchronise and work together so well is PERFECT!!!! And I love this art so much - the palette is gorgeous, perfectly eerie and strangely romantic ♥ They look so knowing and ready and I love their body language - so close together, ready to move, with that beautiful glowing magic of Draco's swirling around them both ♥ ♥ ♥THE MAGIC IS SO PRETTY. And omg Harry's fingerless leather glove!!! HOTNESS. The light on their hair! I am obsessed with this now.


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Kinky fests

Sunday, 11 January 2015 07:22 pm
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You guys, my Kinky Kristmas fic. It is GLORIOUS.

It's 2.5k of kinky Harry/Draco and you should check it out immediately: Hold You, Touch You, Feel You, Always by (as it turns out) [ profile] unbroken_halo.

I asked for intentional ignoring/neglect with Draco pairings, because I thought that would be interesting given his love of attention. And I LOVE what Halo did with the prompts. This is kink within an established relationship, which I love to pieces (they have a routine, they trust each other completely, Draco suggests something new) and then something happens which is SO RARE in smut and so lovely: the kink, once they try it, turns out to not suit them at ALL and it’s a bit of a disaster.

And then they reconnect via hot sex :D

It’s amazing how clearly a whole relationship and dynamic comes across in such a short fic. And I really love Harry as an indulgent, sweet dom - he’s such a nice boy, I adore it - but also steely about having his way on certain things, eg making Draco come himself after having ignored Draco. (At his request, but still.) SERIOUSLY IT’S SO HOT AND LOVELY AND REAL GO AND CHECK IT OUT.

On the subject of kinky fests, there’s still time to claim a prompt (or your own) at [ profile] hp_kinkfest. I’ve claimed an own-prompt, and I’m keeping some of the prompts left there in reserve in hopes of having time. Now I’m going to self-indulgently show you the prompts I left in hopes of tempting one of you terribly talented lovelies :D I forgot how fast prompting closes, so they were SUPER LAST MINUTE and therefore probably even more id-tastic than usual.

check out the (occasionally non-consensual) kink under here )

To Miss with love

Wednesday, 29 October 2014 02:17 am
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Gah. I have bonus other forms of feeling-ill-ness now, including a v sore throat, so I just emailed my manager and told him I won’t be in tomorrow/later today. Teaching with a sore throat is the WORST THING and I’m not doing it.

On the upside, I have chocolate :) A really lovely IELTS student of mine came in to tell us her results. She needed a 7.5 overall, which is an advanced level of English -- academic IELTS is the exam you take to study at British or Australian universities. Most undergrad courses require somewhere between a 5.5 and a 7; a 9 is the top mark and requires being proficiency-level, ie speaking like a native. So 7.5 = tough.

AND SHE DID IT. She got a 7 for speaking and writing (she was nervous, she said) and an 8 for reading and an 8.5 for listening! I’m so thrilled for her, she worked so hard and totally deserved it.

And she was really, really lovely. She brought a box of Celebrations for everyone and a MASSIVE box of Thorntons just for me :D And she wrote us a feedback form which was glowing and I (and the two other teachers she had) specifically got namechecked as having inspired her to practice her English at every opportunity via our PASSION AND DEDICATION.

I love my job :D

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I wrote most of this on Thursday night, and then Friday involved a really stressful, unpleasant conversation with my mother where she accused me of mooching off them (she then said that had been harsh, tbf, but… yeah) and was all “Middle Sister came and talked to me about her job problems, why didn’t you”. Anyway, I cried and had a terrible stress headache for hours and the whole day was generally a write-off. Today has been better (HURRAY for Mum being out all afternoon and evening, and my darling cousin Jacksparrow coming over and hanging out all night) but it took me a bit to get to this post.

I just saw Frozen! I liked it a lot, although I think new Disney films are often a bit of a dicey proposition for those of us who grew up during Disney's second golden age – I mean, it's already tough watching a film that's joining a canon I have these very strong childhood attachments to. But I definitely liked it and I think I'll like it more on re-viewing; certainly have now downloaded a bunch of the soundtrack. The snowman ended up being cute when I thought he’d be vastly annoying, I didn’t see the twist coming at ALL, and omg the act of true love made me cry a tiny bit.

Plus I've downloaded the “Let It Go” sequence and watched it three times. It's great, and by far the best song in the film, and I love Idina Menzel and I love Elsa, and I love a song that carries a central metaphor all the way through and uses it in a bunch of different ways (see also: why Wicked is my favourite musical.) Also, it seriously ~speaks to me given the queer reading of Elsa that jumped out at me )
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[personal profile] kitschful asked for five things that always make me smile, and why.

1. Love memes. I mean, I always love them - there’s an email in my gmail titled ‘to cheer you up’ with a link to my thread in a previous love meme, and I have found it before when feeling low. But I am especially in favour of them right now :) I know some people may end up feeling sad and left out, which is terribly sad (and one of the major reasons I strongly encourage putting up one’s own name). But seeing everyone leave love for everyone else is just delightful - I beam seeing it - and it’s actually incredibly fun finding threads and telling friends you love them. And this one has been extra-lovely, because it’s grey and bleak and cold, and because LJ is so much quieter these days and yet - look! 650 comments and it’s still going!

2. Yo!Sushi. Delicious food, a system that caters to all my worst instincts for variety and excess, bright colours - and I associate it with happy things, like cinema trips with [personal profile] nixied, and hanging out with [personal profile] son_of_darkness and [profile] hot_jupiters or [profile] creatore_magico and [personal profile] drazzi, and introducing Miss Godfrey to cool stuff in London, and being back in the UK where they don’t put icky seeds all over their rice. *glares meaningfully at Vietnamese sushi*

3. Cats, especially my boy Smudge. Cats! They’re so cute, so adorable, so darling, so CUTE! And they’re often wary of new people, so if you can make friends with them it’s an extra triumph! Sometimes they sniff spicy human leftovers and sneeze! Smudge used to follow me on my paper round! CATS!

4. Singing along to Disney films with my friends. I love my friends! I love singing, despite being not terribly good at it! I love Disney films! Usually, anyway. It’s really fun :D This is why for my twenty-fourth, given the strong possibility I will still be living at my mum’s house in a month (bah) I will have a party that involves asking for my own DVDs of Disney films and having everyone hang out in my sitting room and chat and sing along to Disney for many hours. With booze!

5. Spanking. Oh, kink of kinks. A filthy grin always appears on my face when I see that warning. HELL YEAH.

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I got recced on [ profile] crack_broom!!!

ALL HAIL [ profile] wwmrsweasleydo!

Seriously, I have yearned for a rec on [ profile] crack_broom for God knows how long. I have always found it to be a peerless resource, stuffed with brilliant recs from reccers with excellent taste. I mean, getting recced there, that's how you know you've arrived.

[personal profile] nixied is leaving me on Thursday when it seems she's barely arrived and I have a terrible sunburn that has now sprung up in infected blisters. (I shouldn't have worked this weekend, it was fine before. The infection doesn't seem too bad - I drained the blisters and what came out was clearly not just water, but I am spraying antiseptic spray like it's going out of style and hoping). My little sister is being harassed horribly by her ex-boyfriend. I am thousands of miles away from most of my friends and some of them are going to the Globe to see The Tempest without me, the bastards.




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This has been a fantastic, busy week. First was the Hallowe’en Weekend, known in infamy and awesome as ever. It was small this year - seven people plus a fleeting visit from the glorious [personal profile] silvernatasha - but as much fun as ever. Lots of communal time, and lots of chatting with people who I usually am sad not to have spent more time with, and interesting new board games made a million times more fun by the players, and lots of delicious food. Plus [personal profile] wickedblonde in a corset, [personal profile] morettaallstar bringing fandom awesome and undergrad gossip from our uni, and [profile] cthonya doing a reading of this excellent Narcissa-convinces-Lucius-to-send-Draco-to-Hogwarts fic.


Plus we did a Sculpture Trail in the local woods, which involved exploring and looking for these cool artworks that told the Pendle Witches tale. And there was a lucky dip, and I am now the proud owner of orange socks with bats on them. FTW!

Next year looks like it’s going to be paroxysms of delight; I am left to try to justify a return flight from Ho Chi Minh City to London...

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Yay! My Neville/Draco fic I Want The Hard Centre (Not The Chocolatey Shell) got nominated for Sexiest Smut Story: Slash Couple at [ profile] hpfanficfanpoll. I’m very pleased, especially since I am always wanting more rarepair fanwork in these things. Nominations are open for another week!

Also, I watched all of No. 6 with [personal profile] son_of_darkness and [profile] marbletables this weekend and it is amazing and I love it. Utopia that turns out to be a dystopia! A cynic/idealist pairing! A love story that changes both its lovers! Hilarious survivalist girl! Heartbreaking sweet mama! Interestingly done pimp! People on the edge of society who build a home! Rat, who does not know how to use his words and is a Shakespeare fan and an actor and a revolutionary; and Shion, who is sweet, except when people threaten Rat’s welfare, and optimistic and reads to the local kids and believes that humans will help each other and that walls between us should be brought down. mostly nonspecific spoilers and flail )

Happy birthday Draco

Tuesday, 5 June 2012 08:59 pm
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Happy birthday Draco! You are, always and forever, my bestest boy and fandom mascot. ♥

So, guys, I am doing a drabble meme for Draco's birthday. Leave me a prompt and/or kink, and a person or people to pair Draco with (in a gen-ish way if you prefer) and I'll see what I can do.

Thanks Draco. I love you in the books - wanting so desperately to see the dragon and sneaking about, totally missing the Snitch because you're busy snarling at Harry, playing the wounded hero for Pansy's attention, fighting your great nemesis with badges and gossip columns, fighting a different enemy with Quidditch chants, doing something no one else had done in a thousand years, and just trying to stop anyone from being hurt. You're an enormous flaily idiot but I love you lots, and especially because you are for me a kind of personal emblem of fandom's ability to make canon shit more awesome. You and your ridiculous leather pants.

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STILL LACK A LAPTOP OMG. But I’ve now seen Avengers Assemble twice. (Would’ve been three times but shit kicked off - and incidentally, kids, I currently lack a phone so plz email me if you need me.) Major feeling about the film?

It’s like a present to me from Marvel. It’s like Joss Whedon put all my obsessions and loves and sparkles and wrapped them in a bow. I am SO HAPPY.


Weekend of AWESOME

Wednesday, 4 April 2012 12:33 pm
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I am a bit ill and I have to clean the fridge myself and my BEDROOM DOOR IS BROKEN AND THE LANDLORD IS BEING A WANKER ABOUT IT. But none of that is the point of this post! Because I had an awesome long-weekend. let me tell you all about it. )
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I am not properly back from hiatus - the course finished on Friday, but there is lots of RL STUFF going on! But I do have time to do a belated thank-you post, for all my birthday goodies.

I got really adorable vgifts: a nommable chocolate torte from [personal profile] winter_june, heart balloons from [personal profile] kitty_fic, a quill and ink from [profile] austen_kiss, party hats from [profile] hull1984, and balloons from [personal profile] nenne. Thank you all so much! The birthday message from [profile] drarryxlover was also very much appreciated :) Oh, and the very sweet birthday posts from [personal profile] murielle, [personal profile] shapinglight, and [personal profile] alisanne were lovely.

AND. I got BIRTHDAY FIC. It was very exciting!! [profile] babydracky, sweet as ever, posted an angsty H/D ficlet with a Thor-n-Loki bday banner at the top, because she wins at ALL the fandoms. And at being adorable. AND [profile] secretlypadfoot, who apparently has some crazy secret agenda to give me a heart attack, I don’t even know, posted SURPRISE NEVILLE/DRACO SPANKING FIC. LIKE A BOSS. DRACO YELLS FOR NEVILLE TO STOP AND THEN FOLLOWS HIM IN A HALF-BUTTONED SHIRT LIKE ‘WHY’D YOU STOP?’ AND NEVILLE IS ALL GENTLE BUT DOMLY AND GAGS HIM WITH A SLYTHERIN TIE. NO I CANNOT TURN OFF THE CAPSLOCK RIGHT NOW.

In the more RL-ish realm, I also got these GORGEOUS pinky-purpley hand-knit gloves from [personal profile] mokatiki and my very own copy of How I Live Now from [profile] dora_the_nymph. SO PLEASED. And [personal profile] son_of_darkness gave me what we’ve christened the Slut Shoes. They are bright red with six-inch heels. He’s got a pair that’s a bit bigger, and neither of us can walk in them for very long. But that doesn’t matter much, since walking is manifestly not the activity the Slut Shoes are meant for :)

Despite the crazy busy and stress of the actual day, I’ve had a lovely birthday all told and I haven’t even made my parents take me for Indian food. Thank you so so much darlings; you make my life and my birthdays so much brighter. ♥ ♥ ♥

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Read the news here!

Obviously more activism will be needed in coming days and weeks and months and years. But just look at that, guys, and enjoy!


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