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He is a total baby when he doesn’t get what he wants.

We don’t see loads of this in the game, but in the game he’s in control basically 100% of the time. (“Death’s chill wind” is about the only time he seems actually taken by surprise, and he is actually looking for death, so…) But sometimes it must happen, and he reacts without the maturity we might hope for from a zillion-year-old statesman.

Ardyn is a very specific combination of getting everything he wants, thanks to being a Machiavellian mastermind with superpowers and a cabinet position, and getting nothing that he really wants, having been supremely fucked over by the gods. So I reckon it’s really easy for him to feel deeply thwarted by minor problems. Every time something doesn’t go his way it is YET ANOTHER INJUSTICE WROUGHT BY THIS CRUEL WORLD AND ITS CRUELLER GODS. *shakes fist at the sky*

Especially if it relates to Noct getting something Ardyn wanted. He haaaaates that.
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Hi guys! Wow, it’s been aaaages. I’ve been working like crazy the last few weeks. It should taper off in the next few weeks, or at least the timetabling should get less crazy. (These are the moments when I wonder if I should try qualifying as a secondary school teacher after all, cos I’d get paid a lot more for my exhaustion. My tax form tells me I survived on £12.6k for nine months in London, which is TMI but I’m sharing it because that number keeps rattling around in my head. I don’t know whether it makes me what to curl up and never spend money again or be like I AM A FUCKING GOD OF BUDGETING LET’S DO THIS.)


I’m adding new people here on Dreamwidth, and I’m gonna try and do an intro post/getting-to-know-you meme soon. (As well as brief thoughts on LJ’s latest round of poor choices, and the new series of Doctor Who.) But for now I’m just gonna post what I got, which is a slightly edited Tumblr reblog I want to be able to find again.

The [livejournal.com profile] online_bookclub read Harry Potter and the Cursed Child in April and I was in the group chat for some of it. Something that came up was Delphi’s existence, and the weirdness of the idea of Voldemort and Bellatrix having a baby - and it’s a massive sticking point for people in general, I think, even those who like CC. I was thinking about that, and then my friend [tumblr.com profile] boundingheart posted that “if you can accept that Hagrid’s parents had him, you can accept that Voldemort and Bellatrix had Delphi.”

Now I’m actually totally down for Delphi’s existence (even if I’m firmly Team IT WAS A MAGICAL RITUAL) but I still disagree with that, because there are definitely factors that affect people not accepting Voldemort and Bellatrix conceiving a child that don’t affect Hagrid’s parents. It’s about more than just squick )
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So this is Part 1 of the Why Cursed Child Isn’t Queerbaiting post, because this point kept growing and threatening to overwhelm everything else.

As ever, feel free to disagree strongly and tell me about it! We can still be friends :D Although I’m also going to explain why I disagree with you if I do.

I’ve repeatedly seen the idea that Albus and Scorpius’ discussion of his crush on Rose at the end of Cursed Child comes out of nowhere, and therefore constitutes a frantic “no homo” - i.e. the moment that turns queer subtext into queerbaiting, rushing to assure the audience that there’s nothing gay here despite all the homoerotic hinting.

Well, no. For one thing, Scorpius’ feelings about Rose do not come out of nowhere at the end. He says “I think she’s brilliant” right from the start; he’s the one who freaks out when Rose is vanished by the changes to the timeline (“it’s Rose!”) even though she’s Albus’ cousin. Scorpius barely knows her, so this definitely comes across as a crush/hero-worship, but he’s got it going on throughout. But more importantly, Scorpius and Albus are not written as a romance in JKR’s idiom )
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Thought I'd post this as well since today is shaping up to be meta day. I’ve come to “who you really are, that doesn’t matter. It’s the legend. The stories, the adventures.”


The voiceover at the end gets its own post, because I’m getting into the ~thematic significance and Doctor Who comparisons and such.

we’re all stories in the end )
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You can tell by how late I am posting this how much I’m interested-yet-not-in-the-fandom. And yet: so many opinions! There'll be another post about "who you really are? it doesn't matter" and stories.

First off: I really enjoyed most of it. I totally get why those who enjoy Sherlock for the, er, Sherlock Holmes elements - solving mysteries - would be disappointed by the relative lack of it. But I share with Mark Gatiss a serious taste for Gothic horror, and that was in evidence not just in the opening sequence but really throughout: an old house, family secrets, a mad, posh family degenerating. I like the shlocky horror too. So I was basically down for that.

It also meant I wasn’t really bothered by Sherlock having forgotten his sister. The mind is sort of amazing when it wants to repress, but more importantly family secrets and voluntary amnesia, and repressing the existence of unpleasantly realities until they force their way into the light? It’s really bloody Gothic and the episode laid its cards on the table right away with that mad opening sequence. So while I really do sympathise with people being infuriated by unrealistic or implausible moments, the psychology hung together for me and I’m all about taking the story on its own terms, within the genre it’s chosen for itself. Sherlock may have a lot of justifiably irritated fans who came for a murder-mystery story as the series has often been, but I didn’t find the shift too difficult.

more thoughts on the finale, some more rageful than others )
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Let’s talk about Cursed Child in script vs production. Now obviously the production adds a vast amount of detail & light and shade to the script that can’t exist in the script alone. That’s theatre. But there are a few elements of that and a few outright changes that I want to document for people.

NB: I’ve seen Cursed Child four times in the last seven months, and have seen more than one actor for several key roles including Albus, Scorpius, and Harry. That said my memory is not perfect!

#1 and #2 are the actual script changes, fyi. Everything else is about implication.

script vs production )
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I saw Cursed Child again last night ♥ ♥ ♥ It was still atmospheric and exciting and beautiful. One of the phrases I keep using to talk about Cursed Child is Epic Friendship, with those capitals. It’s a phenomenon I’ve seen before but I hadn’t thought of it in quite those terms before. So to define: Epic Friendship, to me, is when the relationship itself is a grand story, given great and likely central weight in the narrative in all its nuances, strong and affirming and wonderful. And also when the friendship is central to the fight against evil.

So think of Buffy, Xander, Willow, and Giles, and them joining themselves to fight as one at the end of S4. The Doctor bringing all his companions back to help him. Everything about Steven Universe, most obviously in gem fusion (although that also has a sexual & romantic subtext, of course).

this is where the post gets spoilery for Cursed Child and Sherlock s4 so far )

Sherlock S4 so far

Thursday, 12 January 2017 05:12 pm
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Will reply to comments later, sorry - I’m off to see Cursed Child for the fourth time again! With [livejournal.com profile] mywitch! YAYYYYY!

I’m not in Sherlock fandom but I’m sort of fandom-adjacent; I’ve read a bit of fanfic, and I have enough friends who’re in the fandom and enough awareness of fandom at large to have a (very) vague idea about it and its reactions. And I’ve caught up so I wanted to post this before the last episode airs. Now as ever you’re welcome to disagree; I’ve got dear dear RL friends who are also fans I disagree with on some stuff I’m a lot more invested in :D

Although I imagine the real disagreement will come from the shortly-forthcoming post about queerbaiting and Epic Friendship, because it will involve defending Cursed Child :P

Please to not spoil the next episode, I know nothing!

spoilers for Sherlock series 4 so far )
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Part two of my massive rambling Cursed Child post be here. This is getting more into plot, thematic stuff, and particular scenes/moments. spoilers abound, natch )

Sleeptime for me now :) I promise I’ll catch up on comments tomorrow!

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That was stunning. Truly one of the best pieces of theatre I've ever seen; maybe the best. And I see quite a bit of theatre. As a production in itself it’s slick, funny, emotional, brilliantly put together. And I loved the story.

I can totally see why I heard a couple of people say they thought the idea sounded silly or “like bad fanfic” but as I thought at the time, "a lot of great theatre would sound ridiculous if you just explained the plot”. And yeah. I’m now reading the script and again, I can easily imagine how that would be “meh” which I’ve seen several times, including from non-fandom people - but in performance it is honestly BRILLIANCE. The script, as a friend of mine said, is maybe 5% of everything.

Sorry, I’m aware that I’m very lucky to live within thirty minutes of the West End, and that is probably a really annoying thing to hear. But it’s true.

I’m going to assume you’ve read or seen the play, but if you want me to explain stuff in comments I totally can!

This turned out to be many many words, so I’m going to put it in two parts for all our sakes. This is the stuff about specific characters, and then the next post will be everything else.


Muddled metaphors

Wednesday, 17 August 2016 11:29 pm
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So I haven’t got too deeply into Steven Universe fandom yet, and I don’t think the conversation about Jasper & Lapis Lazuli is the top one right now. But I had an interesting conversation about it at Nine Worlds yesterday. So my reading based on what we have so far is that Jasper and Lapis had an abusive relationship, in which Lapis was the abuser.

Totally happy to expand & discuss in comments/future posts, but that’s not really what this one is about.

It’s about setting something from a fantasy world up as a metaphor for something from ours, and the confusion that can result when your characters’ reaction to the something, while logical within their in-universe laws, messes with the metaphor.

cut for discussion of sexual assault - allegorical and otherwise - in Steven Universe and Buffy )

cut for extended Tru Blood example of extending a metaphor in terrible ways )

This stuff is so hard. And that’s without even getting into changing what something in-universe is a metaphor for - I actually don’t have a problem with this, but I know a few people who really hated how in S4 of Buffy magic was lesbian connection/love/sex, and in S6 it was drugs.

...I have no snappy concluding sentence, apparently.

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So one of my numero uno favourite tropes is -- well. It’s hard to define. Not exactly exes who become friends; that’s nice but doesn’t turn my narrative crank. It’s people who loved each other once, and who honour that even though they’re not the same people any more and the relationship is so different. Enemies who are ex-best friends or ex-lovers and can’t let go of that connection is an obvious, intense example of it; Captain Jack letting John in close enough to get hurt (and John leaving him a way out), Hanna and Mona slipping into and out of their old BFF dynamic, Giles and Ethan having drinks together.

There’s this Buffy fic I read years ago and I remember basically nothing about it except for two lines.

SPIKE: You were my absolute everything, once upon a time.
ANGEL: But not this time.

It’s just. The enmity, and the acknowledgement that that old relationship doesn’t exist any more -- but it did once and that’s important. It gives me a lot of feelings.

All this is to say that Pretty Little Liars pulled off something impressive )
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Supergirl is adorable, and Melissa Benoist is knocking it out of the park. I’m hoping the writing will tighten up a bit, and also PLEASE QUEER ALEX PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE, but it brightens up my day every week and James Olsen is the hottest thing I've seen in a while. I find the casting of her parents unbearably cute, and so many relationships between women are emphasised and that gives me great joy.

But there’s one aspect which blows my mind constantly, and I don’t think it gets enough attention for how genuinely revolutionary it is.

Kara loves using her powers. She likes being a superhero, and she wants to be seen and appreciated and even loved by her city for the work she does, and her power is something she enjoys and loves and is natural to her.

That is ENORMOUSLY unusual for a female superhero.

Female superheroes so often have an origin story soaked in trauma. More than that, their power itself is often rooted in violation – whether in straight-up rape or other sexual abuse, or other forms of violation such as Black Widow’s brainwashing. And even if that’s not true, the very use of their power is often painful or isolating in itself (as opposed to ‘I am isolated by my need to keep secrets’, which I’d argue is a separate thing).

minor spoilers for Jessica Jones, among other things, below )
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So I was doing this meme, and [livejournal.com profile] amorette asked me What is one HP pairing you have always wanted to write but never got to it yet?

My answer, immediately, was: George Weasley and Draco Malfoy. My comment explaining why became massive, so I thought I’d do a post instead.

So it’s no secret that I really like it when parallel characters, literary mirrors, pair off. See all of my favourite pairings: Harry/Draco, Buffy/Faith, Thor/Loki, etc etc. And I think George and Draco have mountains of potential, whether it’s weird post-trauma friendship or hurt/comfort healing love or nasty non-con or dub-con. The biggest reason for that is that there are loads of textual connections between the Weasley twins and Draco Malfoy, especially in their dark sides - but also in their talents.

who’s the king of the castle and who’s the dirty rascal? )
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when you discover something in drafts from like a month ago but whatever

SQUEE, [personal profile] this_bloody_cat recced Unforgivable over at [livejournal.com profile] crack_broom! Unforgivable’s probably my favourite of my own fics and I love a [livejournal.com profile] crack_broom rec most of all.

(Quick re-cap: it’s dark, dub-con Ron/Draco set a few months after DH. Draco’s joined the rebuilding-Hogwarts team and he’s being all vulnerable and likeable and it’s working. Ron blows up about him being a murdering Death Eater, have we all forgotten that, and Draco comes to him afterwards and offers a deal: do anything you want to me for a night, but then you have to forgive me. Cue bitter, angry dom!Ron and humiliated, anxious, making-himself-keep-going Draco kinking it up and failing to deal with their war damage. Open ending.)

[personal profile] this_bloody_cat has this cool idea which I didn’t think of at all while writing it, but kind of love. So in my head Draco goes to Ron for forgiveness because Ron is the only one who is still actively remembering what Draco did, who’s stubbornly refusing to be softened by Draco’s charm offensive - and probably therefore sees Draco more the way Draco sees himself. Cat suggests:

It did make me wonder, when I first read it... why did Draco want Ron's forgiveness that much? Had he made deals like that before, to other students -- and if he had, perhaps they just requested something different, something safer, something not as humiliating?

WHICH IS FASCINATING. And also plays into why the other students were forgiving. Like, I think it works anyway; it was partly a comment on fandom dynamics, our willingness to forget a character’s past misdeeds if it’s a vulnerable charming dude - and I also think Draco is canonically charming, and that a small group of idealistic young people, who likely saw people they loved doing bad things, would be more-or-less willing to move past things, especially with Hermione and Harry’s strong personailities leading in that direction. But the idea of Draco quietly going round and offering this deal to people is awesome and totally fits.

Also HOT.

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Post-Beltane thoughts

Saturday, 11 July 2015 05:57 pm
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I am going to burble about my Beltane fic a little bit, because it was a massive project and I was being all SUPER SECRET but now I have thoughts.

a little bit meta, a little bit HERE ARE MY FEELINGS )

White Collar

Monday, 15 December 2014 11:48 am
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This is scattered reactions to the first three episodes of S6. I haven’t seen 604 or 605 yet but I will very soon, so feel free to spoil in comments.

an old friend of mine )
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So, the Hermione/Ron stuff. I’m too behind on my flist to have read your posts yet, but I’m sure it’s all been covered. Still, allow me to share a laugh with my fellow fandom oldbies. Ah, the flashbacks. Hopefully any veterans of the shipwars aren’t feeling the trauma today :)

disagreement welcome, as ever )


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