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Sunday, 30 July 2017 02:53 pm
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1. Apparently my fic Aftershocks was one of the most popular Harry/Draco fics on AO3 in 2016! At least as far as drarry-specific-recs can tell, from hits. What??? It’s like 2k of after-sex fingering. But then I guess that would back up my theory that a lot of the most successful fic (in terms of attention/love) combines a big pairing with an offbeat kink.

2. I have a problem with my left eye which will probably not get better, but is far from a disaster. (I can’t read with the left eye alone, but my peripheral vision is fine and my right eye compensates, so I barely notice having a floater in the left eye.) Mostly I notice when I do my eye make-up. Right now I’m relieved that the attempt at making it better - two INJECTIONS INTO MY EYE, NEEDLE IN MY ACTUAL EYE OH MY GOD - is probably over.

3. I signed up for [community profile] hd_erised. I was in at nine minutes and the very last sign-up. Now the waiting for my assignment begins! I wouldn’t be surprised if this was my last fic for that fest - although not my last HP fic! - so. Yeah. I’m pleased I got in, although we’ll see how I feel once I get my match!

4. Friday I went to see ‘Queers’ with [personal profile] kabal42, [profile] magicatmungos, and [personal profile] mokatiki. It was gorgeous - four monologues from queer men (I think three gay, one trans and straight) going forward in time. They were funny, heartbreaking, clever, and also really wonderfully expressed some of the ambiguity within the community about respectability, and legality, and the feeling of loss that comes with not being an “outlaw” as you become accepted. That’s not something I see talked about much, but it’s a very real tension. Also different varieties of happy endings. <3

5. I’m sorry I’m SO TERRIBLE at comment replies right now. It’s 100000% not you, it’s me.

London Pride 2017

Sunday, 9 July 2017 03:02 pm
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So London Pride was amaaaaazing, as ever :D I showed up at 3 to start marching at 4, because London Pride is massive and our streets are narrow so even Section C didn’t get started for a good three hours. I marched with the National Union of Teachers - I was with two of my best friends, who’re both in the NUT, and my god I’d like to be unionised. So it was me, Violet and the Dark Lady (this was their first married Pride! ♥), Miss Godfrey, and Miss Godfrey’s lovely colleague and his husband. Lovely Colleague is a newly-qualified teacher and has been told Miss Godfrey is a bad influence (their school is a HORRORSHOW to the extent that Miss Godfrey is probably about to blow the whistle on SATS-results-fiddling). His lovely Korean husband was having his FIRST PRIDE EVER and they both clearly had a blast.

shoot me down, I won't fall )

My struggles

Sunday, 2 April 2017 12:22 pm
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So, there’s this girl.

No wait, more context.

She’s the childhood bestie of one of my best friends, who I met at uni. She’s an enormously clever, funny ex-lawyer social worker and we’ve always got on really well. She’s also straight, which is relevant to this story. She came to my and my BFF’s joint birthday thing and we had a great chat, and she was wearing this top with SO. MUCH. CLEAVAGE. At some point:

LOKI (muttering): I don't want to be a perv but I keep staring at her boobs.
VIOLET (murmuring): I know. The short hair and the leather jacket is confusing.
LOKI: *nods passionately*

That, kids, is why empathy from Sapphic girls is so important.

And I feel bad, like I’m buying into stereotypes, because man. I was never attracted to her at all before, although she was pretty, but she just put a picture up on Facebook and she’s gone EVEN SHORTER except for some strands at the front and she’s got messy kohl eyeliner and two little black plugs in her ear!!!

This is so unfair.

In other news, am at that annoying stage of illness where I feel more-or-less okay, but it’s unclear if that will still be the case if I actually do anything. I kind of want to go to the gym - I haven’t been in weeks and do rather enjoy it - but also I worry I’d cough all over everything the second I started panting. So instead I’m eating ice cream while I rewatch Youtubers playing My Horse Prince, which is a dating sim about a girl in love with a human-faced horse.
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Thought I'd post this as well since today is shaping up to be meta day. I’ve come to “who you really are, that doesn’t matter. It’s the legend. The stories, the adventures.”


The voiceover at the end gets its own post, because I’m getting into the ~thematic significance and Doctor Who comparisons and such.

we’re all stories in the end )
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You can tell by how late I am posting this how much I’m interested-yet-not-in-the-fandom. And yet: so many opinions! There'll be another post about "who you really are? it doesn't matter" and stories.

First off: I really enjoyed most of it. I totally get why those who enjoy Sherlock for the, er, Sherlock Holmes elements - solving mysteries - would be disappointed by the relative lack of it. But I share with Mark Gatiss a serious taste for Gothic horror, and that was in evidence not just in the opening sequence but really throughout: an old house, family secrets, a mad, posh family degenerating. I like the shlocky horror too. So I was basically down for that.

It also meant I wasn’t really bothered by Sherlock having forgotten his sister. The mind is sort of amazing when it wants to repress, but more importantly family secrets and voluntary amnesia, and repressing the existence of unpleasantly realities until they force their way into the light? It’s really bloody Gothic and the episode laid its cards on the table right away with that mad opening sequence. So while I really do sympathise with people being infuriated by unrealistic or implausible moments, the psychology hung together for me and I’m all about taking the story on its own terms, within the genre it’s chosen for itself. Sherlock may have a lot of justifiably irritated fans who came for a murder-mystery story as the series has often been, but I didn’t find the shift too difficult.

more thoughts on the finale, some more rageful than others )
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I saw Cursed Child again last night ♥ ♥ ♥ It was still atmospheric and exciting and beautiful. One of the phrases I keep using to talk about Cursed Child is Epic Friendship, with those capitals. It’s a phenomenon I’ve seen before but I hadn’t thought of it in quite those terms before. So to define: Epic Friendship, to me, is when the relationship itself is a grand story, given great and likely central weight in the narrative in all its nuances, strong and affirming and wonderful. And also when the friendship is central to the fight against evil.

So think of Buffy, Xander, Willow, and Giles, and them joining themselves to fight as one at the end of S4. The Doctor bringing all his companions back to help him. Everything about Steven Universe, most obviously in gem fusion (although that also has a sexual & romantic subtext, of course).

this is where the post gets spoilery for Cursed Child and Sherlock s4 so far )

Bi visibility

Friday, 23 September 2016 11:55 pm
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It's bi visibility day! Bi visibility is AWESOME. You know why? I was interested in LGBT stuff from when I was... fourteen, right, when I got interested in politics generally. I had out gay friends and had a (very vague, born-in-the-wrong-body-narrative) sense of what being trans was. And I was SIXTEEN before I knew what the B stood for. SIXTEEN. SIXTEEEEEEN.

It would've saved me literally all of my sexuality-related confusion, in retrospect, if bi people - who surveys suggest SIGNIFICANTLY OUTNUMBER gay people - were not invisible.

Also, not wanting to make it all about me: bi people are significantly more likely to suffer depression, to be closeted, and to self-harm or self-medicate than straight or even gay people. Bi women are THREE TIMES as likely to be raped as our straight sisters. That last, shocking fact is likely associated with the fact that abusers are really good at finding people who are vulnerable, dismissed by the social order, and unlikely to be believed if they report abuse - and the twin stereotypes of bi people as slutty and deceitful mean that bi women are even less likely to be believed if they report a sexual assault. So we can all do a bit to fight back against those terrible statistics, just in small, day-to-day ways.

♥ Sending hugs and love to all my bi peeps

Hate crime

Monday, 13 June 2016 02:25 am
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I’ve been rather disconnected this weekend -- working, and the beach, and trying to sort my sleep schedule - so I just heard about the Orlando shooting.

And after the initial wave of horror and sadness, came telling myself: well, we have gun control where I live. (And then remembering a friend’s story about guys with weapons waiting in the car park outside a gay club and the patrons sneaking out the back. This was in 2010.) Well, this is part of the anti-LGBTQ backlash happening in the States. We’re not having that here.

Which is just a horrible way to be thinking; it’s small-minded and selfish, or it feels that way, even though I’m not sure I’d think that about other people. But that’s why hate crimes are a particular threat against the social order, of course. It’s not solely a horrific act of violence against dozens of innocent people, not just a crime against everyone who loved them; it’s also a warning to queer people everywhere. Remember to feel vulnerable and know that people hate you.
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(Quick fyi: am at my dad’s in Geneva with my family this weekend, so I can’t reply to comments until Tuesday. But please do leave them! Apologies.)

A little while ago I finished Roz Kaveney’s Tiny Pieces of Skull. I feel like a bit of an idiot going all ~commentary about it but! am not at a con to have a long drunken discussion about it so this is basically that in Livejournal form. You should all read it and then come and talk to me about it :)

It’s basically a fictionalised memoir of Kaveney’s time in the trans scene in Chicago in the late 70s and it’s brilliant. The alternative title is “A Lesson In Manners” and it very much is a comedy of manners )

The A reveal

Thursday, 27 August 2015 11:45 pm
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I suddenly realised I wrote this massive reaction post and then failed to actually post it. SO.

Many spoilers, because this is a reaction to the Pretty Little Liars A reveal.

the prettiest little liar of them all )
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Here is the other post I mentioned. Apologies, it's not the most cogently written thing you'll ever see.

So the college had four teachers when I started, one of whom had started the week before me. She was charismatic and beautiful to an extent I found intimidating (not something that generally happens to me) so I was kind of relieved when she quit after two weeks to move to the south of France with her boyfriend.

A was hired to replace her. I instantly felt far more sympatico with her. She's a nice middle-class girl from the Home Counties who went to a Catholic girl's school and likes poetry and Victorian novels, and therefore has a potted biography that reads like a combination of mine and several of my closest friends'. I think A pretty much felt the same way about me, plus we really got on. That sense of a similar worldview based on similar experiences became sort of ironic just before Easter, when it came out that she's an evangelical Christian.

Came Out being an ironic phrase )
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IDK, guys. [ profile] dora_the_nymph has totally got me into this fandom: she negotiated me into starting watching it, I caught up on Glee series 5 hanging out with her, and her Tumblr is where I have done the entirety of my poking about the fandom. I do love me some meta, always :) And I rewatched the start of season 5 and caught up, and yeah. Now Glee 515 )
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Fucking hell, fucking hell. I cried a little watching this. It is just. Really painfully true. The bit about being on a train and cringing because your friend is being so gay (where people can SEE!) or checking yourself – and then hating yourself, and hating the world sometimes too for doing this to you. Ouch.

joomla visitor

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You guys. I totally cried.

And I really like AllOut's idea of emphasising this speech and this moment, instead of the fact that delegates walked out of this meeting in outrage at the idea that queer rights are human rights.
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Am pausing in my mass consumption of Josh Groban on Youtube (so funny! with such terrible hair!) to link to something actually important.

Being LGB(T) is illegal in over 80 countries and punishable by death in 10. The majority of those countries are Commonwealth nations: the British Empire, in one of its many epic fails, imported anti-homosexuality laws to its colonies and many of them have never been repealed.

This week is a chance: the Secretary General of the Commonwealth, Kamalesh Sharma, has made a speech calling for an end to these laws. On Friday the Commonwealth nations meet in Perth, Australia. The petition calls on the Secretary General and the Commonwealth heads of government to address this. You can sign it here.
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Originally posted by [personal profile] emmagrant01 at Vote for Sarah Hoffman is having a contest called "Moms Who are Changing Your World" in which people can vote for inspirational moms. One of the nominees in the Activism category is Sarah Hoffman, who blogs about having a genderqueer child and is working to raise awareness of the needs of non-gender-conforming children.

If you have a FB account, go HERE to vote for Sarah and show your support. Voting ends September 20, and you can vote every day! :-)

I'll post in a few days, guys. Having a bit of a rough time just now. But I'm commenting and reading and about!

Politics and Daily Fail

Thursday, 8 April 2010 11:37 pm
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I assume most of you have seen this song. If you haven’t, watch it immediately! It’s a fantastic song made up entirely of made-up Daily Mail headlines, and one of the funniest things I’ve seen ages.

Bureaucratic red tape,
Facebook gang rape,
Gordon out Dave in before the country caves in.
Ian Huntley gets his own Jacuzzi and a gym in jail,
It’s absolutely true because I read it in the Daily Mail.

Speaking of politics...well, I’m a student away from my idealistic fellows and it’s the general election in under a month. So I am going to talk about politics! And be very judgemental!

The part about the Chancellors' debate and the general election )

The part about the gay vote )

Explanations for curious Americans/Canadians )

The part about European politics )

And now I am done! Feel free to tell me your thoughts, even if you entirely disagree.
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(Yes, the subject line is a New Who reference. Yes, I call it New Who. Shut up.)

As ever, I’m behind on a: your lives and b: telling you about my life. As ever (sort of), I have pretty good reasons for this! But I’m still very pleased to be around, and I plan to spend Sunday sitting in front of my laptop catching up on the flist.

So here’s what’s going on with me in list form: )

Relevant to the above, but outside the cut so you don’t have to read the bullet points: recs for helpful, preferably practical books on trans issues plz? Also anything you’d like for your LGBT union rep to have read?


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