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Friday, 31 March 2017 10:03 pm
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The downside of having a working sleep schedule for even a couple of days seems to be that I can’t nap. Which is sad because I love naps and I’m fucking exhausted. I have a touch of tonsillitis I think (my body is a wonderland for that particular disease - I’ve had it upwards of 15 times in my life and I’m 27) and I’ve been working a lot.

Which on one level is great - not least because I can’t think of another month in my life thus far where spending £200 on tickets to see Cursed Child one more time would be a detour on my paying-off-debt goals but totally possible as opposed to massively out of reach. BUT IT IS AND I’M GOING AND I’M SO EXCITED. :DDD The cast is changing very soon, and while I’m sure the new cast will be great, I’m so grateful I’ll be able to see them all again. Noma and Jamie Parker will be especially hard to replace in my heart.

But oh god I’m so tired. bit about work )

I missed you! I’m so sad to have missed the sign-ups for H/D Remix and HP Threesomes and to not have had anything in the Ron/Draco fest. But life’s been very busy. Before my epic work weeks, I’ve been Doing London all over the place. Which is nice! Because London actually has a lot of free/low-cost-for-what-it-is stuff, and doing them is part of what makes the rent and the air pollution and the noise one thousand percent worth it, so that I can’t imagine loving anywhere else like this.

I went to the British Museum’s Crick Crack Club collaboration. storytelling, a musical, Hidden Figures )

I saw a rock musical about Lizzie Borden and Get Out as well, but that’s another post.
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You can tell by how late I am posting this how much I’m interested-yet-not-in-the-fandom. And yet: so many opinions! There'll be another post about "who you really are? it doesn't matter" and stories.

First off: I really enjoyed most of it. I totally get why those who enjoy Sherlock for the, er, Sherlock Holmes elements - solving mysteries - would be disappointed by the relative lack of it. But I share with Mark Gatiss a serious taste for Gothic horror, and that was in evidence not just in the opening sequence but really throughout: an old house, family secrets, a mad, posh family degenerating. I like the shlocky horror too. So I was basically down for that.

It also meant I wasn’t really bothered by Sherlock having forgotten his sister. The mind is sort of amazing when it wants to repress, but more importantly family secrets and voluntary amnesia, and repressing the existence of unpleasantly realities until they force their way into the light? It’s really bloody Gothic and the episode laid its cards on the table right away with that mad opening sequence. So while I really do sympathise with people being infuriated by unrealistic or implausible moments, the psychology hung together for me and I’m all about taking the story on its own terms, within the genre it’s chosen for itself. Sherlock may have a lot of justifiably irritated fans who came for a murder-mystery story as the series has often been, but I didn’t find the shift too difficult.

more thoughts on the finale, some more rageful than others )

Sherlock S4 so far

Thursday, 12 January 2017 05:12 pm
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Will reply to comments later, sorry - I’m off to see Cursed Child for the fourth time again! With [livejournal.com profile] mywitch! YAYYYYY!

I’m not in Sherlock fandom but I’m sort of fandom-adjacent; I’ve read a bit of fanfic, and I have enough friends who’re in the fandom and enough awareness of fandom at large to have a (very) vague idea about it and its reactions. And I’ve caught up so I wanted to post this before the last episode airs. Now as ever you’re welcome to disagree; I’ve got dear dear RL friends who are also fans I disagree with on some stuff I’m a lot more invested in :D

Although I imagine the real disagreement will come from the shortly-forthcoming post about queerbaiting and Epic Friendship, because it will involve defending Cursed Child :P

Please to not spoil the next episode, I know nothing!

spoilers for Sherlock series 4 so far )
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Part two of my massive rambling Cursed Child post be here. This is getting more into plot, thematic stuff, and particular scenes/moments. spoilers abound, natch )

Sleeptime for me now :) I promise I’ll catch up on comments tomorrow!

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That was stunning. Truly one of the best pieces of theatre I've ever seen; maybe the best. And I see quite a bit of theatre. As a production in itself it’s slick, funny, emotional, brilliantly put together. And I loved the story.

I can totally see why I heard a couple of people say they thought the idea sounded silly or “like bad fanfic” but as I thought at the time, "a lot of great theatre would sound ridiculous if you just explained the plot”. And yeah. I’m now reading the script and again, I can easily imagine how that would be “meh” which I’ve seen several times, including from non-fandom people - but in performance it is honestly BRILLIANCE. The script, as a friend of mine said, is maybe 5% of everything.

Sorry, I’m aware that I’m very lucky to live within thirty minutes of the West End, and that is probably a really annoying thing to hear. But it’s true.

I’m going to assume you’ve read or seen the play, but if you want me to explain stuff in comments I totally can!

This turned out to be many many words, so I’m going to put it in two parts for all our sakes. This is the stuff about specific characters, and then the next post will be everything else.

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I don’t think I’ve talked about it much here? But I have basically been freaking out about what would happen with Natasha for six months. More, really. I adore Natasha in every film except Ultron. I didn’t hate her there, she just felt… not right, to me. Maybe I’d feel differently if I watched it again; I only watched it once and it was a shock to see her ~soothing the savage beast and all that. Ultron really shook my faith in the franchise, basically. And because civil rights are like, the political issue that brought me out to my first protest when I was a wee Lokifan, and the question of accountability and power in superhero films is such a big thing, and Natasha is a hero but she’s also a SHIELD agent as-was, and she was on Tony’s side argh oh God please don’t make me hate her or ignore how fundamentally the Civil War conflict gets at Natasha’s core traits…

staying together is more important than how we stay together )

non-Natasha stuff )

Well that was 1800 words of opinions. Disagreement welcome as always, btw. I am much nicer about real people who disagree with me than superheroes :D

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The A reveal

Thursday, 27 August 2015 11:45 pm
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I suddenly realised I wrote this massive reaction post and then failed to actually post it. SO.

Many spoilers, because this is a reaction to the Pretty Little Liars A reveal.

the prettiest little liar of them all )
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I am off to Eastercon in a little bit. Just for the day, sadly, but there are lots of fabulous people I'm excited to see again, and I'm bringing along a book or two I hope to get signed :D

The subject of fabulous people and signed books has made me realise I never posted about Roz Kaveney's “Resurrections”. This is a scandal and outrage.

It's the third book in a quartet, and is where a lot of ongoing mysteries pay off: obviously this review could very easily be STUFFED with spoilers. I am going to avoid them heroically, however.

So these books are up the street of a LOT of you, I think. queer ladies in a fantasy that's epic and urban at once with twists and turns and many many great side characters )

Those of you who've read are welcome to spoil in comments but please put a warning in the subject line/first line.

And now I'm going to quote a few of my favourite lines from Revelations because the prose really is very pretty. These are more spoilery but not for any of the OMG twists or anything. It's difficult though – a lot of my favourite lines are perfect because this is the third book, and they reflect really nicely on the characters and themes and imagery that have come before, so if you're coming to it cold they won't have the same effect. Still, pretty.

out-of-context pretty )

White Collar

Monday, 15 December 2014 11:48 am
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This is scattered reactions to the first three episodes of S6. I haven’t seen 604 or 605 yet but I will very soon, so feel free to spoil in comments.

an old friend of mine )
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Oh! I saw Guardians of the Galaxy a little while ago, by the way.

You guys were right – it's definitely funny )
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IDK, guys. [livejournal.com profile] dora_the_nymph has totally got me into this fandom: she negotiated me into starting watching it, I caught up on Glee series 5 hanging out with her, and her Tumblr is where I have done the entirety of my poking about the fandom. I do love me some meta, always :) And I rewatched the start of season 5 and caught up, and yeah. Now Glee 515 )
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CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER. Saw it last night with a friend and friend’s boyfriend and it was SO GREAT. I thought I’d wait until I’d seen it a second time and had more Thoughts to post, as is generally my habit, but I cannot possibly wait. spoilers spoilers ALL THE SPOILERS )
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OMG guys I seriously CANNOT WAIT for tonight’s episode. I’ve been loving Pretty Little Liars even more than usual and OMG THEY’RE GOING TO TELL HER.

I imagine by the time I see comments for this I’ll have seen 420, but I have NOT BEEN SPOILED FOR ANYTHING so no spoilers beyond there, thanks!

we all know who had a thing for younger girls )
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I wrote most of this on Thursday night, and then Friday involved a really stressful, unpleasant conversation with my mother where she accused me of mooching off them (she then said that had been harsh, tbf, but… yeah) and was all “Middle Sister came and talked to me about her job problems, why didn’t you”. Anyway, I cried and had a terrible stress headache for hours and the whole day was generally a write-off. Today has been better (HURRAY for Mum being out all afternoon and evening, and my darling cousin Jacksparrow coming over and hanging out all night) but it took me a bit to get to this post.

I just saw Frozen! I liked it a lot, although I think new Disney films are often a bit of a dicey proposition for those of us who grew up during Disney's second golden age – I mean, it's already tough watching a film that's joining a canon I have these very strong childhood attachments to. But I definitely liked it and I think I'll like it more on re-viewing; certainly have now downloaded a bunch of the soundtrack. The snowman ended up being cute when I thought he’d be vastly annoying, I didn’t see the twist coming at ALL, and omg the act of true love made me cry a tiny bit.

Plus I've downloaded the “Let It Go” sequence and watched it three times. It's great, and by far the best song in the film, and I love Idina Menzel and I love Elsa, and I love a song that carries a central metaphor all the way through and uses it in a bunch of different ways (see also: why Wicked is my favourite musical.) Also, it seriously ~speaks to me given the queer reading of Elsa that jumped out at me )
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Went and saw Iron Man 3 again today (70 000 VND for a 9am ticket, fuck yeah) so I thought I would actually post some thoughts. Not that I have that many thoughts; I want the DVD NOW so I can watch 'em in a marathon and rewatch and do some of that meta thing. For now I mostly have FEELS.



Tuesday, 6 November 2012 03:18 pm
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Blargh. I am ill. I’ve been feeling dodgy since Sunday, but I thought that was a hangover (excellent night at G-A-Y with [personal profile] son_of_darkness, [profile] marbletables, and [profile] dora_the_nymph, plus some hanging out with my friend Impish from uni who has visited Ho Chi Minh City and loved it). I am still all bleary and achey and watching Something Blue as comfort viewing. :(

I watched The Fantastic Four yesterday. I’ll steal a trick from [personal profile] copperbadge in giving my thoughts:

1. This is really not a good film at ALL. And I don’t know why; the cast is made up of actors with a good reputation and/or actors I’ve seen being good elsewhere. And it’s not like either Jessica Alba or Chris Evans is known for phoning it in for sci-fi. I guess it’s a combination of a truly dreadful script and the worst hair & contacts for Jessica Alba ever. EVER.

2. The Thing is actually an excellent disability metaphor, especially the way it’s portrayed. Wonder if it was deliberate - his Blind Hippie Girlfriend could be an argument either way.

3. It’s a shame this is so bad because everyone has powers that are ripe for kinky fanfic. Invisibility, flexibility and stretchiness, flame and flying, size, strength, and need for sexual healing - even Doom’s whole made-of-metal thing. THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS.

3a. Seriously, Jessica Alba’s hair. WORST. EVER. I guess it’s cool that they cast a mixed-race actress for Sue, but at the cost of making a beautiful brunette horrifically blonde and creepily blue-eyed.

Never mind. I can focus on Buffy now. And her adorable 90s waves.

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STILL LACK A LAPTOP OMG. But I’ve now seen Avengers Assemble twice. (Would’ve been three times but shit kicked off - and incidentally, kids, I currently lack a phone so plz email me if you need me.) Major feeling about the film?

It’s like a present to me from Marvel. It’s like Joss Whedon put all my obsessions and loves and sparkles and wrapped them in a bow. I am SO HAPPY.



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