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Kelly hits Nathan to make him give Simon's phone back! Yay Kelly! BEIN’ ALL SUPERHERO. I just love her so much, I can’t help it -- the way she ‘playfights’ to show affection and defends Simon even before she likes him, even to a boy she likes, and makes Nathan chicken nuggets. LOVE. I’m really glad Lauren Socha’s racism incident hasn’t spoilt the character for me.

Nathan is really something of a bully )
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So much Curtis! I LOVE CURTIS. Plus it makes me really happy to have an episode heavy on someone other than Nathan. I love ensemble programmes and I like Nathan a lot but there is TOO MUCH NATHAN in series 1. It is meant to be ensemble, not ensemble in a Buffy way, right?

Curtis doing his very best and saving people and YAY. And I have a bit of a soft spot for these kind of overlapping narratives. So yay this episode! )
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First off, before I get into the Alisha/Curtis stuff: Kelly remains adorable. I love the scene with her and Jody where they sit and are bald. Also, the final scene where Simon suggests they go for a drink is one of my favourite Kelly moments: Alisha is the first to leave, Curtis eagerly follows her, Nathan mocks him, and then Kelly both gives a great reason for not going and apologises. She is really genuinely compassionate.

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Why is Nathan being followed by a wolf in the credits?

Misfits 102: Nathan's mum is the worst )
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MISFITS REWATCH. I haven't seen it in aaages and I haven't watched past series 2, so time to catch up.

have some disjointed thoughts on 1.01 )

Misfits again

Sunday, 25 July 2010 11:16 am
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So, the second Misfits episode. I enjoyed it hugely once again, despite the fact that I am going to rant enormously about parts of it.

First, what I loved: OMG CURTIS IS ♥ ♥ ♥. Seriously. Not only did he publically call out homophobic comments, he did it when the comments came from the girl he fancies. He wins. And DAMNIT I WANT MORE.

I want more of practically everybody, actually. I like Nathan, and his storyline with the old woman – yay for old-people-also-want-sex! – was charming. But I wanted an ensemble programme! So stop focussing on Robert Sheehan’s big eyes and gimme some ensemble action. Incidentally: cannot work out if Simon’s obsessively watching naked!Jeremy was vindication of my he’s-gay-or-bi theory, or just a sign that shy, internet-liking types like him are crazy and sexually perverse.

The whole inevitable rape attempt thing was... well, inevitable. But it makes me unhappy, because what Alisha’s sexy-power does is make a very unpleasant rape myth reality: she is literally so attractive that men cannot help themselves. They have to force themselves on her, because she makes them so mindless with lust.

The programme made a point of having Alisha say, “it’s not my fault if they can’t keep it in their trousers.” This is true, but... well, it’s not their fault either, as things stand. And she can learn to manipulate the power, which could just go in all sorts of unpleasant directions.

Okay, now here’s the thing that really pissed me off. Cut for the rantiest rant I’ve ever ranted )


Friday, 16 July 2010 05:08 am
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I am so painfully behind on my fic masterlists, you guys. I haven’t updated them in months.

...Oh well! I am going to rec some telly. Which is, to my knowledge, only on in the UK (Channel 4, Saturday night) and very new. Never mind.

It’s called Misfits and I think it’s the new Being Human. The set-up is thus: five young offenders on community service get caught in an electrical storm and they end up with supernatural powers. Their parole officer is caught in it too, basically goes nuts and tries to kill them, getting the sixth YO – conveniently, the one without powers. The Misfits kill him off in self-defence, and agree to hide what happened.

I’ve never been much into the whole We Must Give The Young People Characters They Can Identify With thing )


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