Negative Space

Friday, 30 April 2010 12:31 am
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Title: Negative Space
Word count: ~400
Characters/pairings: Remus/Regulus (Remus/Sirius relationship)
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Wandering the school in the aftermath of the prank, Remus finds Regulus.
Warnings: infidelity, underage - Regulus is fifteen/fourteen
Disclaimer: The boys belong to JKR, even though I’m often much nicer to them than she is.
Author’s Notes: This was written for this week’s [ profile] sortinghatdrabs; the pairing was Regulus/Marauder and the prompt was absent. I got three ‘Least Favourites’, my most ever! :((( There was really good stuff this week, but still. I think it might be the slight channish undertones, although my over-editing didn’t help. I don't know. *neurotic*

Regulus walked in on Remus and Sirius once. They’d only been kissing – but it wasn’t really only, because Sirius kissed with his whole body and Remus with all the repressed force of the wolf.

Regulus was scarlet, and he could hardly look at Sirius as he handed him a letter (pecking couldn’t make Sirius accept an envelope from the family owls). Remus had caught his eye as he left for one mortifying moment, and he’d thought he’d seen rage there. But he’d never said a word.

Seemed Regulus was more trustworthy than his brother.

Remus had woken that morning to a changed world. Snape knew. Crippling, physical terror seized him, his already aching joints clenching and twisting round themselves in fear. Hours later, he was still aching with the knowledge of Sirius’ betrayal.

Remus paced the corridors, fear and fury writhing inside him. Then he caught sight of someone up ahead, lurking in the shadows. Someone with Sirius’ quick-moving grey eyes, wild black hair, lush mouth.

The wariness in Regulus’ gaze, as he eyed Remus from a careful distance, was nothing like the eager, half-predatory look in Sirius’. Regulus looked like prey, and Remus’ body was pulsating at every second heartbeat.

He pounced, caught Regulus, seized that soft mouth for himself. Regulus flinched and struggled a little in his grip – but the rabbits did that too, and they never escaped.

Remus dragged him into an empty classroom and bore him to the dust. Regulus kissed him back now, his legs parting easily; he didn’t seem to know he was doing it, and he flushed childishly at Remus’ experienced hand on his cock. Remus unzipped Regulus’ trousers and lowered them for him, roving eyes looking him over.

Sirius was an obscene ghost: a lack made solid, peering from the corner of Remus’ eye as he took in Regulus’ visible ribs and eager cock. Even here, Sirius was inescapable: an absence who was as much a presence as the rocking bodies there. Infuriating! Remus took it out on Regulus: not giving him as much preparation as a virgin needed, forcing his cock inside the too-small body, his hips thumping relentlessly against Regulus’ arse as he took him. Regulus was flushed and sweating; Remus bit his neck, tasted salt.

Bloody, bloody Sirius. Remus didn’t even know who the victim was of this revenge.


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