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Draco: Did you know that in this other reality - the reality Scorpius saw into - I was Head of Magical Law Enforcement? Maybe this room will be mine soon enough.


Draco (deadpan): Mwa ha ha.

I did win the round

Saturday, 7 March 2015 10:02 pm
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So last night I played Cards Against Humanity. One round, the judge picked up the black card “I got 99 problems but ___ ain't one”.

The white card I picked was “hope”.

The judge in question is terminally ill.

The other players were his wife and daughter.

I am now torn between epic levels of Can't Believe I Did That and thinking that that is Cards Against Humanity as it should be played.

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I am getting really, seriously excited for Loncon/Worldcon )That said, the British Interplanetary Society gets SO MUCH SIDE-EYE from me. Y’see, back in the day they designed a spaceship based on extrapolated technology, right? And they called it Daedalus. And then recently they did a new version, which as you might imagine, they named Icarus.


*torn between tearing my hair out and dying of LOL*

I remember when I heard about the film Prometheus I was like, “that is stupid, no one would build a spaceship to go and see the creator-race and name it Prometheus!!!” BUT APPARENTLY I WAS WRONG.

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Blast to the past

Tuesday, 8 July 2014 08:16 pm
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Today one of my Russian young learners said the words "snake-shaped hole".

I nearly died.

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So I just found this thing in the depths of my hard drive which I never posted. It's from my first year of uni and just... sometimes I think I'm exaggerating the memory of how very gossipy-club-kid-queer we all were. Not so much.

So, tonight should be interesting. My friend Blond Ambition sucked off this bloke who I’m christening Hippocrates last week. I like Hippocrates, even though he’s a fourth-year who mocks us “silly little freshers”. However, he’s bringing a girl to the Pride club night tonight.

HIPPOCRATES: Can you be nice to her?
Hippocrates turns away
BLOND AMBITION: If she’s ‘with him’, with him, I’ll scratch her eyes out with my keys. Or just talk about how he fucked me last week.
LOKIFAN: That isn’t even true! And you don’t want him, you’re just annoyed because someone’s threatening to take away one of your toys.
BLOND AMBITION (grinning): Spot on. I do like my power. I’m going to shag the whole Pride committee and get them fighting over me...

Apparently amoral gay boys appeal to me just as much in RL. Who knew?

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Avengers gag reel

Tuesday, 21 August 2012 10:44 am
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The Avengers gag reel.

Tom Hiddleston spread-legged for the camera and pokes to Ruffalo's butt and Cobie SCREAMING FOR COULSON. IT IS THE GREATEST.

I am not going near Tumblr. Not even to watch Hemsworth desperately try to catch the hammer in slow-mo over and over again...

Also, Loki and Clint deleted scene.


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